Disc Golfers Smash: Julie Ma and BusinessWeek Just Shat The Bed


Disc golfers are up in arms across the internet focusing their turbo putt anger directly at Julie Ma and Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine.

If you haven’t seen it yet Julie Ma, typically a fashion contributor decided to delve into the history of “expired” sports.

In her list, is a sport that I’ve played for years, Disc Golf. I had no idea disc golf was no longer played and is truly and “expired” sport.

Damn, I guess I should sell off my discs, portables, and bags at rock bottom dirt cheap prices.

We don’t need to dig into the lack of research that Julie did on this article, it’s clear she was either drunk (which is cool) or tired or both since she seems to have pulled her information out of her arse on this one.

Here’s a selection of the best replies, retorts and one liners from the Disc Golf Community. Didn’t anyone tell y’all you’re playing a dead sport? Guess no one got the memo.

Oh and Julie, don’t hold your breath for your Pulitzer Prize, it’s not happening anytime soon.

Disc Golf is a dying sport?