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    Dolphins vs Jets Week 13 Free Pick

    At 6-5, The Dolphins have to win this one to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.   Miami is facing The Ravens and Pats in the next two weeks, so slipping up to a 2-9 team like The Jets is not a luxury they can afford at this point. The Jets were throttled in Week […] More

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    Demaryius Thomas Can Run Block

    Demaryius Thomas showed Dolphins Safety Jimmy Wilson what run blocking really looks like in the NFL. Oh yeah, he also caught 10 passes for 87 yards and 3 touchdowns. Watch the top of the screen at the beginning, and the end of the run. [gfycat data_id=”HandyTartAustraliansilkyterrier”] More

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    Our Salute to The Dolphins Cheer Squad

    If you suffered through the first three quarters of the Bills vs Dolphins matchup you probably spent more time paying attention to the ever smiling Dolphins cheerleading squad. It’s amazing how these amazing ladies hold up through 3 terrible quarters of lousy football with such a positive attitude. For this, we owe them all a […] More

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    Miami at Buffalo : Week 2 Pick

    After a solid opening Week 1 showing EJ Manuel and Fred Jackson are headed to the sunshine state to face off against the Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill and his Dolphins did a great job stomping on Tom Brady and the Patriots in Week One 33-20. Week 2 sees a sharp line across the board with […] More