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    2017 NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

    There are no big changes at the top of my NFL Power Rankings after Week 11. The Saints remain in first place. The Patriots remain in second place. The Eagles remain in third place. Keep reading to check out why my ranking didn’t change much at the top. 2017 NFL Week 12 Power Rankings 1. […] More

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    2017 NFL Week 12 Preview

    It’s Thanksgiving Week. That means the NFL showcases 6 teams in 3 games on Thursday, Nov. 23. The rest of NFL Week 12 games take place this Sunday Nov. 26. Monday night’s game has the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Houston Texans. NFL Week 12’s most important game? The 8 and 2 New Orleans Saints head […] More

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    NFL Week 12 Top 10 Team Power Index

    This week’s list was difficult to consider, since we had so many close games  last week. One play here or there could have dramatically altered these rankings. So we spent hours and hours agonizing over this list. It involved several pots of tea, some chewing gum and a long bus ride (don’t ask). The good […] More

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    Demaryius Thomas Can Run Block

    Demaryius Thomas showed Dolphins Safety Jimmy Wilson what run blocking really looks like in the NFL. Oh yeah, he also caught 10 passes for 87 yards and 3 touchdowns. Watch the top of the screen at the beginning, and the end of the run. [gfycat data_id=”HandyTartAustraliansilkyterrier”] More

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    Week 12 Highlights, Lowlights and Picks : Odell, Browns Fans Speak too Soon

    Our Week 12 wrap up includes: our terrible Sunday picks (time to start fading Reggie Breese), Odell Beckham Junior for president of the universe, Browns fans speaking to soon, and Dez Bryant being all humble again and just being Dez Bryant. We would be terrible human beings and even worse sports fans if we didn’t […] More

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    Week 12 NFL Quick Picks

    NFL Week 12 kicks in and the underdogs that have been under performing for the past 3 months start to get hungry for redemption and respect. We saw it Thursday night when the Raiders and Derek Carr upset the playoff bound Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in a rainy showdown in Oakland. I did make the […] More