Abner Mares vs. Miguel Flores – Roundup and Results

This Sunday we had an exciting event in Los Angeles, with 11 fights on an exciting and fun fight card.

During the event, we had some interesting bouts, but none as interesting as what we witnessed in the Abner Mares and Miguel Flores clash.

Boxing Round-up – Abner Mares vs. Miguel Flores – Event Review and Fight Analysis

Abner Mares vs. Miguel Flores

Our Pick: Abner Mares

Outcome: Mares and Flores fight to a majority draw, spoiling Mares’ comeback bout.

Mares was the aggressor and landed the more-effective punches during the first half of the fight. 

During the second round, Mares landed a counter left hook to the head that shook Flores

Mares attempted to capitalize, but Flores wisely held to recuperate from the impact of the punch. 

Both had their moments during the middle rounds as the ebb-and-flow produced decent exchanges. 

During this time, Flores began walking down Mares, initiating exchanges between the two fighters. 

As the fight progressed, Mares slowed down. 

His punches did not have the same effect and Flores would walk him down, forcing Mares to fight off his back foot. 

Flores did his best work during the final three rounds, which he won. 

After the final bell sounded to end the fight, both raised their arms and embraced each other. 

The raucous 10th round left the fans on their feet with both fighters raising their hand in victory before the scores of 95-95 twice and 96-94 for Mares were read.

The Aftermath: An envigorated Abner Mares is back on the Ring.

Even though the Mexican fighter didn’t achieve the comeback victory he wanted, he showed the world that he still has his boxing skills and the hunger to go forward.

We can only expect him to keep going forward in his career now that he is back into the fray.

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