Stephen Fulton vs. Naoya Inoue Preview and Free Pick

Two of the biggest names in world boxing, in the minor categories, face each other next Tuesday, in Japan, looking to measure forces and keep intact their numbers of victories and knockouts.

On one side will be the host Inoue, number one in the world ranking in the featherweight category and holder of 21 K.O.s in 24 fights, which shows his strength.

For his part, the American Stephen Fulton will try to remain as the great undefeated of the super featherweight category, whose limit is 59 kg. Fulton won 21 fights, but only 8 by knockout.

This is a highly anticipated bout in the boxing world. Many experts point to the Japanese as the favorite to win the fight, but they know that the American has chances to surprise.


Yokohama Arena, Japan


Tuesday, July 25th, 04:30 AM ET

Ring walks time:

(Estimated) (no time yet)

Moneyline odds:

Naoya Inoue: -357

Stephen Fulton: +235

Where to Watch:


Why Bet on Naoya Inoue?

The thirty-year-old Japanese, known as ‘monster’, is the current world number one in the featherweight division and has won 24 fights since turning pro in 2012. In these more than ten years of career, Inoue has been surprised by his agility and ability to deliver deadly blows to his opponents.

Nearly 90% of his victories were by knockout, which means Naoya has a knack for finding his opponent’s weak spot, attacking him, and knocking him down. At only 5’6″ tall, Inoue usually settles his fights in up to 5 rounds, even against bigger opponents.

His last win came in Japan late last year when he defeated Britain’s Paul Butler in the 11th round. Butler, who is ranked No. 1 in England, suffered his second knockout against Inoue.

The Japanese man has an aggressive and technical fighting style and will be fighting in his home country. The expectation is that he will win another fight and keep his throne.

Why Bet on Stephen Fulton?

American Stephen Fulton, 29, started his career in 2014 and is about to celebrate 10 years as a professional boxer. In these years in the ring, the Philadelphia native has already won 21 fights and has yet to taste the pain of defeat.

His next challenge will be against the No. 1 in a division below him. Inoue will move up in weight to face Fulton, in a fight that should be lively from start to finish. Neither man has lost a fight so far, but the positive stats of one of the two fighters will be tarnished after the end of this fight.

Fulton has won 8 of his 21 fights by knockout and hopes to reach his ninth. His last fight – and win – came in June of last year, against fellow countryman Daniel Roman.

Boxing: Inoue vs. Fulton – Final Analysis

It will be interesting to see the bout between Inoue and Fulton, as it will bring together two champions from two different categories. Although the weight difference between the two classes is not very significant, Fulton may take a slight advantage by having to adjust his weight so much leading up to the fight day.

Looking at recent fights and the styles of the fighters, it is possible to observe that the Japanese have a more aggressive and technical way of fighting, which can cause serious damage to their opponent.

Given the above scenario, we believe in Naoya Inoue’s victory.

If you put $100 into Inoue’s win, you could get $35 out of a total payout of $135.

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