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  • Titans Bengals 2021 Playoffs


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    Bengals vs. Titans – Preview and Betting Odds

      NFL Division Round Game 1: Bengals vs. Titans – NFL 2021 – Preview and Betting odds The Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans face off in an AFC divisional-round NFL playoff game this Saturday. With the divisional Rounds right here, we fully focus on the NFL playoffs now. The match between the Bengals and Titans is scheduled to go down on Saturday, […] More

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    Super Wild Card Weekend – Analysis & Free Picks

    The NFL playoffs are finally here, and that means it’s time for some serious NFL betting. The biggest games of the weekend are the six Wild Card matchups. I’ve spent way too much time breaking down each NFL Playoffs Super Wild Card Weekend game to you a great set of free picks to help you […] More

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    Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots – Predictions & Free Betting Pick

    Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots 2021 NFL Betting Odds and Free Pick We have reached the stage that we all wanted in this excellent NFL season; the Playoffs. The different teams know that they should win in these games, to continue with their aspirations of being the champions this season. Throughout the regular season, the different teams […] More

  • Professional Pinball Championship Stern Pro Circuit
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    Stern Pro Circuit Pinball Championships

    Note from Reggie (Ed.): This year we’re going to be covering awesome sports that don’t get coverage from the big media players. Keep your eyes opened for more professional pinball, surfing, disc golf and grass roots eSports coverage here at DHS. Bookmark DHS now to keep up on all of the latest from the truly […] More

  • President Trump Immigration Odds
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    Trump Southern Border Wall Presidential Address – All The Odds

    President Donald J. Trump will be addressing the nation tonight, January 8th from the Oval Office, about the Southern Border Wall and the Immigration “Crisis”. We’re only quoting the “Crisis” part because there is dissenting opinion on the nature of a National Emergency. MyBookie has posted a long list of President Trump Odds about tonight’s […] More