5 April 2017 MLB Betting Props to Consider

The MLB season is here. Time to see what the baseball odds experts are saying and where the true value lies. Let’s have a look at these April 2017 MLB betting props that you can actually bet on.

Five Betting Props Worth Considering for April 2017 MLB Games

Will there be a no-hitter in April?

The no side is favored at -215, which isn’t terribly overwhelming, so the temptation is to take that side. But pitchers are usually ahead of hitters early in the year. So why not take the -165 side and bet that a no-no will happen?

Will a player hit for the cycle in April?

Odds are this will not happen. The cycle is so rarely accomplished and April is still early in the season. The -310 is supposed to scare you off from betting it. But it also means that odds are this in the winning side. It doesn’t even matter what the other side’s odds are, give me the no side and -310.

Will a player hit 4 home runs in April?

The Yes side is +1600, a very tempting proposition. Remember Tuffy Rhodes with the Cubs many years ago? He accomplished the feat early in the season. Then again, he ended up honing his craft in Japan for most of his career. Yeah, let’s stay away from this one. For the record, the No side is -4800 – and for good reason.

Will there be a triple play in an April game?

It could happen. If pitchers are indeed ahead of batters early on then you never know. Yes is +280 and no is -400. I’m really not sure what side is best, but arguments can be made for both. Good luck.

Will a batter get 6 hits in an April game?

At -1580 the odds REALLY favor the No side. And I tend to agree. Come on now, six hits? Really? No one is going to do that. The only question is whether or not you want to lay that kind of money to make such a little payoff.

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