5 MLB teams guaranteed to finish under .500

The baseball season begins in a few weeks, but it’s pretty much over for several teams. Let’s face the facts: many baseball teams are simply not worth betting on in 2017. Whether it’s due to rebuilding or mismanagement, here are five MLB teams to avoid.

5 MLB teams to avoid

Tampa Bay Rays

Trading away Logan Fosythe, which has drawn the ire of team star Evan Longoria, was the nail in the 2017 season coffin before the first pitch is ever thrown! Add in the fact that this club plays in the toughest, most competitive division in the league and the Rays are toast.

Minnesota Twins

No team goes from 59 wins to .500 the next season, so we’re pretty sure that 2017 will be a wasteland once again in Minnesota. They did nothing of significance to upgrade any area of their team. So avoid watching their games like the plague.

Atlanta Braves

Despite the amazing signing of legend Bartolo Colon, the Braves are not ready yet for primetime. Atlanta might be marginally better, but it most certainly not add up to 81 wins.

Chicago White Sox

When you trade away Chris Sale after finishing under .500, you don’t magically get better. So bank on this team being worse than they were in 2016.

Philadelphia Phillies

Signing Michael Saunders wasn’t the answer to returning to contending. This painful rebuilding process will extend for another year. So don’t look for the Phils to entertain all that much in 2017. The Phanatic, however, is always worth the price of admission.

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