MLB odds to win the World Series in 2016

The All-Star Break marks the middle of the baseball season, and as the second half starts the odds to win the World Series 2016 have changed. Four teams are emerging positively in their performance and three of them were quite unlikely at the beginning of the season.

Even though the Cubs are still favorite to win the 2016 World Series, the Giants, Indians and Rangers are hitting hard an have positioned themselves as contenders for the pennant.

Top Odds to win the World Series 2016

The Chicago Cubs are 4/1 favorites after the break, followed by the San Francisco Giants 5/1, The Texas Rangers 15/2 and the Cleveland Indians 8/1. In fifth place are the Washington Nationals.

If history plays in the odds and results, the Giants would come out winning it. San Francisco has won the title in the last three even years, so they would be due in 2016.

Now we know that does not really count, but having the Cubs not winning since 1908, the Indians since 1948, and the Rangers having never won a title, makes you wonder on the final result for 2016.

One thing is sure though, all three are batting and their pitching staff is solid. The Rangers have even managed to get out of their injuries in the pitching staff.

The second half of the season will be hard on the other teams as they try to catch up with these four. Nothing is a sure bet, but as the season gets shorter, the odds to win the World Series 2016 are showing to keep an eye and the money on them.

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Written by Ricky Price

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