NCAA Top 25 College Football Week 10 Recap

Our top 25 college football week 10 recap shows that the best bets were on the favorites this week. Only four teams are left undefeated in the top 25 college week 10 football rankings as we move to week 11. Various changes will definitively happen in the top teams  in the poll for week 11.

On our week preview this time we did not predict games that were going to be upsets. still there were 3 upsets, one on an undefeated team:

  • #4 Texas A&M lost to unranked Mississippi State
  • Unranked Arkansas beated #11 Florida
  • Unranked TCU beated #13 Baylor

Top 25 College Football Week 10 Results

#1 Alabama vs #15 LSU 10-0

Talk about a nail-biting game. Both teams went scoreless for the first three quarters. It even looked like LSU was going to pull the biggest upset of the season. LSU error was to not score a single point. If you missed this game check this video we found with the less biased visuals.

#2 Michigan vs Maryland 59-3

The third and last undefeated team this season, took care of Maryland easily.

#3 Clemson vs Syracuse 54-0

Another shut out but not nearly as the one before. Clemson remains unbeaten and only time will tell if they will go to battle Bama for the title.

#4 Washington vs California 66-27

Why in hell did the polls placed the Aggies above Washington still has me thinking. Aggies, yes tehy lost to Alabama, but Washington is undefeated. Well the truth came out this past weekend and definitively Washington will move at least to a deserved #4 position.

#5 Louisville vs Boston College 52-7

Another smash to the ground game for Louisville. Not much to say here.

#6 Ohio State vs #10 Nebraska 62-3

The Buckeyes continue to prove their value. Had they not slipped against Penn State they would be there contending for the #1 spot. I certainly would wish to se them rip Alabama out of the title, guess that will not happen.

#7 Texas A&M vs Mississippi State 28-35

The Aggies could not hold to their undefeated status against a rolling machine presented by unranked Mississippi State. They were down the whole game and the result is in the score. We forsee the Aggies going down again when they face Ole Miss next week and against LSU in three weeks. Losing agaisnt an unranked team will send the aggies probably out o the top 10.

#8 Wisconsin vs Northwestern 21-7

I have been unable to decode the Badgers, and maybe i will not be able to. They come and trash a top ranked team, but barely get the scores in with unranked Northwestern. Go figure. Could it be they are Big 10 rivals? Who knows.

#9 Nebraska played Ohio State

#10 Florida vs Arkansas 10-31

Another of the big upsets from this weekend. Arkansas held the Gators to minimal yardage and here is the result. It’s all in the video.

#11 Auburn vs Vanderbilt 23-16

Another weird game just like the Wisconsin game we just mentioned. I mean, Auburn has a team to just roll over Vanderbilt, but they barely make it through.

#12 Oklahoma vs Iowa State 34-24

The Sooners showed in the first half almost all they had, then the game went stale. If iowa had been another team the score would probably had not been in favor of Oklahoma.

#13 Baylor vs TCU 22-62

Talk about tragedy. Two weeks ago the Bears were undefeated, ranked #8, and then the Longhorns came to smash their crystal pederstal. Yeap they were up there but unworthy of it. How do we know? Check this weekend’s score. Yes Baylor was up there and now is down there. This coming week they will face Oklahoma which will send them even further down. Bad news Bears…

#14 West Virginia vs Kansas 48-21

West Virginia continues on a roll. A probable contender in the Big 12.

#15 LSU played Alabama

#16 Utah was idle

#17 Western Michigan vs Ball State 52-20

Eventhough Western Michigan is 9-0 and 5-0 in MAC being the conference a non challenginf one has held them in the top spots of the ranking.

#18 North Carolina vs Georgia Tech 48-20

The Tar Heels are trying to place themselves in the ACC race. The game against Georgia Tech shows how much they have improved.

#19 Florida State vs NC State 24-20

Tough game for Florida State. This team has been fluct

#20 Penn State vs Iowa 41-14

Penn State has come a long way since entering the top 25, after beating the #2 team at that time Ohio State. The Nittany Lions pose themselves as a threat in the Big Ten race.

#21 Colorado vs UCLA 20-10

Colorado took care of UCLA easily.

#22 Oklahoma State vs Kansas State 43-37

Oklahoma State barely got out of this game with a win. They were down in the first and third quarter, and almost lost it in the fourth but intercepted the ball in the endzone.

#23 Virginia Tech vs Duke 24-21

Tough one for Virginia Tech. A blocked punt in the second quarter, taken into the endzone by VT made all the difference in this game.

#24 Boise State vs San Jose State 45-31

Not that easy but Boise manages to end on top.

#25 Washington State vs Arizona 69-7

Washington State just plundered Arizona on this one.

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Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.