NCAA Top 25 College Football Week 12 Recap

Our top 25 college football week 12 recap shows that the field of contenders to the title is quite uncertain. Only one team is left undefeated in the top 25 college week 10 football rankings as we move to week 13. Various changes will definitively happen in the top teams  in the poll for week 13.

Top 25 College Football Week 12 Results

#1 Alabama vs Chattanooga 31-3

The only thing to say is let’s wait to see what happens on the end with Alabama.

#2 Ohio State vs Michigan State 17-16

Talk about a close call. Ohio manages to stay on top, after going scoreless in the fouth quarter. If Michigan had gone for the point after instead of trying the 2 point conversion they would have probably gone into overtime. Bt they did not. The result, a loss.

#3 Louisville vs Houston 10-36

Jus starting the week, on Thursday, came this upset. Talk about spoilers. Louisville had come from the previouslosses to fall into the #3 position and a shot at the title. Just at the start, a fumble, then another fumble, then a deflection in the hands of a receiver, etc. By mid third quarter Houston was up 31-0.

#4 Michigan vs Indiana 20-10

Another top team scared as they trailed into the third quarter, just to bounce back and win.

#5 Clemson vs Wake Forest 35-13

Easy win as Clemson gets the ACC Atlantic title.

#6 Wisconsin vs Purdue 49-20

Wisconsin runs all over Purdue in a game that seemed complicated until the second quarter.

#7 Washington vs Arizona State 44-18

Another game that was easy, in this case for Washington.

#8 Oklahoma vs #10 West Virginia 56-28

We expected this game to be closer in the scoreboard. It did get closer, on a fist fight, but that is another story (check the video). The Sooners were already up 34-0 in the second quarter.

#9 Penn State vs Rutgers 39-0

There is nothing to say here.

#10 West Virginai played Oklahoma

#11 28-30

With 3 seconds left, and after the review, Oregon upsets Utah.

#12 Colorado vs #20 Washington State 38-24

A tight game until the third quarter, and then the Buffaloes just ran over the Cougars defense for the win.

#13 Oklahoma State vs TCU 31-6

Teh Cowboys have come to show they are improving on every game. Esay win here.

#14 Western Michigan idle

#15 USC vs UCLA 36-14

Easy win? Not really. Up to the second quarter UCLA was beating the Trojans until they got tied at 14. From there the story changed.

#16 LSU vs #21 Florida 10-16

Another upset this past weekend was for the Tigers, who got eaten by the Gators. Another quarrel on the field, just as in the Houston game got the teams pumped. Florida holds off LSU to win SEC East and will play Alabama in the SEC title game.

#17 Florida State vs Syracuse 45-14

Cook and the Seminoles just buried Syracuse.

#18 Auburn vs Alabama A&M 55-0

Unstoppable. One word for Auburn in this game.

#19 Nebraska vs Maryland 28-7

Maryland was just no match for Nebraska. Next.

#20 Washington State played Colorado

#21 Florida played #16 LSU

#22 Boise State vs UNLV 42-25

McNichols’ helps the Broncos past the Rebels.

#23 A&M vs UTSA 23-10

Not an easy game for the Aggies. Garret’s sacks could possibly made the difference here.

#24 San Diego State vs Wyoming 33-34

Newly entered San Diego State Aztecs lost to the Cowboys. Easy in, easy out for them on the polls.

#25 Troy vs Arkansas State 3-35

Worst than the Aztecs. in and out of the polls for the Trojans.

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Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.