NCAA Top 25 College Football Week 14 Recap

Our top 25 college football week 14 recap shows the end of the season as we know it. Only the Army vs Navy game left before the BCS College Bowls start. Only two teams ended undefeated in the top 25 college week 15 football rankings as we move to the College Bowls.

Top 25 College Football Week 14 Results

#1 Alabama vs #15 Florida 54-16

Well Alabama did it. I personally did not think they would end up undefeated for the season, but hey did. With this win over Florida they end up along with the SEC title.

#3 Clemson vs #19 Virginia Tech 42-35

A really close one, for Clemson to end up with the ACC title. Clemson’s ups and down during games did not matter at the end as they finish 3rd in the nation.

#4 Washington vs #9 Colorado 41-10

It was all Washington defense here. Colorado was invisible. Washington takes home the PAC-12 title.

#6 Wisconsin vs #8 Penn State 31-38

Wisconsin dropped all the efforts on this one. I thought the Badgers were going to win after leading 28-7 in the second quarter. Big Ten title goes to Penn State guts.

#7 Oklahoma vs #11 Oklahoma State 38-20

Big state rivalry, we also thought the Cowboys were going to get revenge here. No revenge there and the Sooners win the Big 12 title.

#13 Western Michigan vs Ohio 29-23

Western Michigan is the second team to go undefeated this season at 13-0 and the MAC title. Not an easy one, but they held to win and earn the title.

#14 West Virginia vs Baylor 24-21

Do not know if West Virginia deserved the win. If you watched the game it makes you doubt. But in the end what counts is the scoreboard.

#20 Navy vs Temple 10-34

Bummer for the Mid Shipmen, as Temple burns them down and ends uo with the AAC title.

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Written by Ricky Price

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