NCAA Top 25 College Football Week 7 Recap

Our top 25 college football week 7 recap shows that the best bets were on the underdogs this week. Also two teams are out of the top 25 college football rankings as we move to week 8. Various changes in the top teams  in the poll for week 7.

On our week preview we predicted these games were going to be upsets:

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs #9 Tennessee Volunteers
#12 Ole Miss Rebels vs #22 Arkansas Razorbacks
North Carolina Tar Heels vs #16 Miami Hurricanes

Well we got 2 out of 3.

Top 25 College Football Week 7 Results

#1 Alabama vs #9 Tennessee 49-10

We actually expected more from Tennessee, but they did not deliver. Starting from the first quarter their defense just could not hold Alabama. Their offense also did not deliver, and Bama had a feast. We actually predicted an upset here but did not happen.

#2 Ohio State vs #8 Wisconsin 30-23

When you are #2 in the nation and have to go to OT to win just shows you how good the Badgers are. They held Ohio State and were on the lead for the first three quarters. Even with the loss Wisconsin should go up in the poll.

#3 Clemson vs NC State 24-17

Well the Tigers finally managed to win in OT. In short Clemson almost defeated themselves. It was terrible to watch, fumbles, interceptions. Clemson made all possible mistakes to lose the game. They did not lose thanks to pure luck, yes, pure luck. With 2 seconds left on regulation time, NC State had the chance with a 43 field goal attempt to upset Clemson… Lambard’s kick went wide.

#4 Michigan idle

#5 Washington idle

#6 A&M idle

#7 Louisville vs Duke 24-14

A tough game for Louisville as Duke made it difficult until the last minutes of the game. With less than two minues left in the game the score is 17-14. Louisville misses a field goal attempt, BUT a player rolls on the kicker and they get the ball back and score to win.

#8 Wisconsin played Ohio State

#9 Tennessee played Alabama

#10 Nebraska vs Indiana 27-22

A wild catch and an interception in the first quarter gave Nebraska the edge over Indiana. The Hoosiers blanked Nebraska in the second and third quarter, but that was not enough to win.

#11 Baylor vs Kansas 49-7

This was an easy one for Baylor, not much to say.

#12 Ole Miss vs #22 Arkansas 30-34

This one we pedicted to be an upset in or Week 7 College Preview. It was a very good game but Arkansas had the edge most of the match. If Ole Miss had gotten the first down with 1:41 to go maybe this story might had ended differently. But as the ball gets stripped from QB Kelly on fourth down, the story ends there.

#13 Houston vs Tulsa 38-31

The Cougars barely amde it on this one. With 1:20 left on the game, Houston’s defense strips the ball out of Tulsa’s quarterback and runs it in for a touchdown. Tulsa gets the return and settles in the Cougars’ 2 yard line with 7 seconds to go. Runs the ball and the defense sops it on the endzone line. You have to watch this.

#14 Florida State vs Wake Forest 17-6

All the medals dropped by Florida State. They barely got away on this game.

#15 Boise State vs Colorado State 28-23

Terrible first quarter for Boise State which ended 0-3. They regained their drive in the second and third quarter, blanking Colorado. The fourth quarter was the thriller as Colorado came with 20 points, but Boise held tight for the win.

#16 Miami vs North Carolina 13-20

Another one of our predicted upsets. The first two quarters were enough for the Tarheels to beat the Hurricanes. Ending the half at 20-3 proved our point on our preview of the game. NC had come to play.

#17 Virginia Tech vs Syracuse 17-31

Another upset, which we did not predict. After their win last week over Nrth Carolina, they looked like they could run over Syracuse. Well they did not. it was the other way around. With 14 minutes to go, they managed to tied Syracuse at 17, but then Syracuse came back with two TDs and that was the end of it.

#18 Florida vs Missouri 40-14

After a tough first quarter tied at 0, The Gators started rolling to never look back on this impressive win.

#19 Oklahoma vs Kansas State 38-17

The Sooners had no issues handling this one.

#20 West Virginia vs Texas Tech 48-17

Another game were the Mountaineers had no issues. They will probably advance in teh rankings

#21 Utah vs Oregon Sate 19-14

Another of those games that got complicated for the ranked team.

#22 Arkansas played Ole Miss

#23 Auburn idle

#24 Western Michigan idle

#25 Navy vs East Carolina POSTPONED

What do you think?

Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.