2017 NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

I made a major change from my NFL week 12 Power Rankings. The New Orleans Saints not only dropped from my top spot, they dropped out of my Top 5. There are too many good teams in the NFL right now before Week 13 games to keep New Orleans in the Top 5. Check out my rankings!

2017 NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots (9-2)

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL right now. The defense has played spectacularly since around Week 5. Forget yardage stats. The Pats allow 20 points per game. New England averages close to 30 per. Doesn’t take much to figure that math out.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1)

I’m still not hot on the Philadelphia Eagles. Sure, they take the second spot on my rankings. But, Philly’s only beaten one team this season with a .500 or better record.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2)

The Steelers keep winning. They’re only 6 and 5, which means they’re just an okay bet against the spread each week. They keep winning, though. The thing about Pitt is that it sort of feels like they can turn it on any time they want to. That gives Pitt a shot in every game.

4. Minnesota Vikings (9-2)

I love the Vikings offense now that RB Latavius Murray is running the way he did as a Raider. I also believe that Case Keenum gets better week to week. The problem? The defense gave up 30 points to Washington in Week 10. It gave up 23 points to one-dimensional Detroit in Week 12.

5. Los Angeles Rams (8-3)

If you dislike the Rams, you won’t want to read what I’m about to write. The Rams’ defense has started togel. That’s crazy. What it means is that LAR might peak at the perfect time, right when the playoffs start.

6. New Orleans Saints (8-3)

The Saints squandered plenty of chances in their 20 to 26 loss to the Rams in Week 12. New Orleans’ QB Drew Brees never appeared comfortable while Sean Payton made some interesting calls on offense. What was impressive is that the Saints held the Rams to only 26 points without either of their starting cornerbacks putting on pads.

7. Carolina Panthers (8-3)

Don’t be fooled by the Panthers 35 to 27 win over the New York Jets. The Panthers’ offense wasn’t very good. The difference in the score was a 60-yard punt return for a TD. What’s really worrisome is that Carolina allowed Jets’ QB Josh McCown to throw 3 TD passes.

8. Atlanta Falcons (7-4)

The Falcons have won 3 out of their last 4 games. Atlanta appears to be back on track after looking terrible earlier in the season. The key for Atlanta is if they can continue to rush the football like they did against Tampa Bay in Week 12. If they can, watch out.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4)

The Jaguars’ defense has no excuses for allowing Arizona back-up QB Blaine Gabbert to throw for 241 yards and 2 TD passes. The Cards beat Jacksonville 27 to 24. What a waste because the Jaguars should have dominated on defense.

10. Seattle Seahawks (7-4)

Seattle can show the rest of the NFL that they haven’t gone anywhere in Week 13. The Seahawks are 6-point home dogs to the 10 and 1 Philadelphia Eagles. I actually like the Seahawks in that game.

11. Tennessee Titans (7-4)

Tennessee, without a doubt, is the worst, absolute worst, 7 and 4 team in the NFL. Titans versus Colts in Week 12, where Tennessee beat Indy 20 to 16, was one of the most drab football games I’ve ever seen.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (6-5)

The Chiefs are loaded with some talented players. Somehow, Andy Reid has managed to screw up the Chiefs’ entire offense. It makes no sense to me how KC couldn’t score more than 10 points versus a Buffalo team that yielded over 50 to the L.A. Chargers in Week 11.

13. Detroit Lions (6-5)

Detroit’s on the cusp. The team must put together a solid running game. That’s the first issue. The second issue is continuing to build the defense. If the Lions can do that, 2018 could be a great regular season. There’s still a chance 2017 is an okay season.

14. Baltimore Ravens (6-5)

What’s hilarious is how Baltimore is a -3 home favorite over the Detroit Lions in Week 13. Anybody who watched just some of Baltimore’s 23 to 16 win over Houston this past Monday night must laugh at those odds.

15. Los Angeles Chargers (5-6)

The Chargers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. Before all of us in L.A. run out and get our Bolts jersey, we should note that beating Dallas 28 to 6 isn’t overly impressive. I mean, the Boys were without RB Ezekiel Elliott and LB Sean Lee.

16. Buffalo Bills (6-5)

I’ll wait to see if the Bills 16 to 10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs was because Buffalo has turned the corner, or because the Chiefs have become terrible. If the Bills can keep it close versus New England in Week 13, I’ll believe.

17. Dallas Cowboys (5-6)

The Cowboys must turn into the Oklahoma wishbone running Sooners of yesteryear. That’s the only way they can win the time of possession battle. Dallas’ defense is a mess without LB Sean Lee.

18. Washington Redskins (5-6)

Don’t worry, Washington fans. I’ve been paying attention to your beloved team that plays in D.C. I know that the defense, when it plays under control, is a fantastic unit. I also know that you guys lucked into a starting RB in Samaje Perine. Samaje should dominate the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday.

19. Oakland Raiders (5-6)

Oakland beat Denver 20 to 14 in Week 12. That gives me absolutely no confidence that the Raiders can win the AFC. Then again, the AFC, which seemed like the best division in football before the season started, is horrendous.

20. Green Bay Packers (5-6)

Check out backup QB Brett Hundley! He almost led the Packers to a huge, massive, tremendous straight up win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12. Green Bay could still make the playoffs.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (5-6)

The Bengals put a 30 to 16 beat down on the Cleveland Browns. The most encouraging aspect of the Bengals’ win is that RB Joe Mixon rushed for over 100 yards. Cincinnati must continue to rush the football with success to have any shot at a wildcard berth.

22. Arizona Cardinals (5-6)

I’ll grant Arizona one thing…they didn’t quit. Facing the best pass defense in the NFL, the Cards played their butts off to pull off the shocking victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

23. Houston Texans (4-7)

How good are the Houston Texans? Not that good. One thing I did notice in the loss to the Ravens, though, is that WR DeAndre Hopkins most definitely is that good. Tom Savage went to the Hopkins well time and time again. He kept producing.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7)

Tampa Bay has the 32nd ranked pass defense in the NFL. That’s bad news for Buccaneer fans. TB faces the Green Bay Packers and the suddenly valiant Brett Hundley on Sunday.

25. Miami Dolphins (4-7)

Miami’s season is already over. The most disturbing thing about the Dolphins is how their defense allows over 26 points per game. The offense is supposed to be better than what it’s shown in the past 5 games.

26. New York Jets (4-7)

The New York Jets have shown flashes of being a competitive bunch. It’s a shame that the Jets squandered a fantastic passing performance by QB Josh McCown by allowing the Panthers to run back a punt. That’s close to unforgivable.

27. Chicago Bears (3-8)

Maybe, Coach Fox doesn’t have any magic left. Chicago’s defense didn’t even try in the 3 to 31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. It was 24 to 0 before halftime.

28. Indianapolis Colts (3-8)

The Colts aren’t the worst team in the NFL. They’re bad enough to not cover at home versus the Tennessee Titans. That doesn’t mean they’re the worst team in the NFL.

29. Denver Broncos (3-8)

I saw a glimmer of hope for the Broncos in their loss to the rival Raiders in Week 12. Denver appears to have finally settled on Trevor Siemian as their starting QB. Because Denver battles Miami this Sunday, who knows? The Broncos might win another game this season.

30. New York Giants (2-9)

The Giants’ defense is definitely playing better now than it has all season long. The problem with the Giants now is that their offense is unbelievably bad. Just atrocious. It’s time to look for Eli’s successor at QB. If the Giants keep playing this way, they should have no trouble choosing an heir apparent in next April’s draft.

31. San Francisco 49’ers (1-10)

Denver was glimmer of hope part 1. The 49’ers are glimmer of hope part 2. If Jimmy Garoppolo starts at QB in Week 13, the 49’ers should, not might, should beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

32. Cleveland Browns (0-11)

Are the Browns tanking games? Maybe, but I doubt it. They’re probably really this bad.

What do you think?

Written by D.S. Williamson