2017 NFL Week 2 Preview

It’s Week 2 in the NFL. Are you ready for some football? Let’s get to it!

2017 NFL Week 2 Preview

Houston Texans +5 at Cincinnati Bengals -5

In what world is Cincinnati favored by 5 points over Houston? This is one of the craziest betting lines of Week 2. Houston has as much of a shot of beating the lackluster, uninspired, did my paycheck get here yet Cincinnati Bengals, as the Bengals have of beating the Texans.

I’m taking the points all day in this match up. Houston’s got a good shot of winning this one straight up.

Pick: Houston +5

Cleveland Browns +7.5 at Baltimore Ravens -7.5

Baltimore’s offense is a mess. Cleveland has a better offense than what Baltimore’s got. Don’t believe me? Look at the stats again. Cleveland QB DeShone Kizer was much better against Pittsburgh than Baltimore’s Joe Flacco was vesus Cincinnati even though the Ravens beat the Bengals 20 to 0.

Here’s another game where taking the points makes sense.

Pick: Cleveland +7.5

Buffalo Bills +7 at Carolina Panthers -7

Both these teams won their  Week 1 games. Of the 2 teams, Buffalo was by far the more impressive squad. Carolina’s offense appears shell-shocked. Seriously. Cam Newton might not know what to do now that Carolina’s coaches don’t want him to run with the football. The Panthers rushing attack was pathetic in Week 1. There’s no way that Buffalo should be a 7-point dog. None whatsoever.

The Bills are a Best Pick.

Best Pick: Buffalo +7 

Arizona Cardinals -7.5 at Indianapolis Colts +7.5

Just because the Rams hung 46 onto the Colts it doesn’t mean that Arizona can do it. Okay, maybe it does. The Colts’ have no defense. The offense is one of the worst in the NFL. Indy’s crazy if they play Andrew Luck behind that offensive line. They should trade Luck. I mean, all they’re doing is ruining his career while ruining their chances of rebuilding.

Arizona rolls.

Pick: Arizona -7.5

Tennessee Titans -1.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars +1.5

This should be one of the more competitive games in NFL Week 2. Make no mistake, NFL oddsmakers are right on by making Tennessee a -1.5 road favorite over Jacksonville. Tennessee has the better QB in Marcus Mariota. Jacksonville has the better defense.

Who wins out? I’m giving the nod to the Jags, whose defense in Week 1 reminded me of what remains the best way to win football games in the NFL. Shut down your opponent’s offense.

Pick: Jacksonville +1.5 

Philadelphia Eagles +4.5 at Kansas City Chiefs -4.5

The Chiefs looked great when hanging 42 points onto New England. But, Philly’s defense is better at pressuring the QB than New England’s is. KC could blow out Philadelphia. More likely, they end up playing without nearly as much emotion as they showed in Week 1.

I must take the points.

Pick: Philadelphia +4.5

New England Patriots -6.5 at New Orleans Saints +6.5

The Saints should have no shot holding the Patriots to less than 35 points in this game. Then again, New Orleans front 7 could get to QB Tom Brady.

Also, although the Saints lost 19 to 29 in Minnesota in Week 1, New Orleans settled for 4 field goals in 4 trips to the red zone before scoring a TD. The reason that’s important is because Minnesota’s defense appears to be much better than New England’s. If the Patriots give QB Drew Brees time, he’s going to rock the Pats’ D. I’m taking the points.

Pick: New Orleans +6.5

Minnesota Vikings +6 at Pittsburgh Steelers -6

I love how Minnesota’s offense moved the football against New Orleans this past Monday night. Sam Bradford was exceptional. Pittsburgh looked like they felt bothered to have to play Cleveland, which is why the Steelers only beat the Browns 21 to 18.

I don’t see Pitt playing much better in Week 2. I just think the Vikings might be close to as good as Pittsburgh is on offense while Minny’s defense is better than what the Steelers’ have. Minnesota ATS in Week 2 is a Best Pick.

Best Pick: Minnesota +6

Chicago Bears +7 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -7

The Bucs finally get onto the football field after waiting out Hurricane Irma. Tampa Bay has every right to blow out the Chicago Bears. I don’t think they will. Chicago didn’t upset Atlanta straight up in Week 1. The Bears did manage to score 17 points.

Chicago might have one of the better running backs in the NFL in Tarik Cohen. Cohen should get more carries and see more targets in Week 2 than he did in Week 1. The Bears defense held Atlanta to only 23 points.

This game should be closer than 7 points.

Pick: Chicago +7

Miami Dolphins +4.5 at L.A. Chargers -4.5

I’m not sure what to make of this game. Miami could come out swinging. The Chargers had trouble stopping an offense that might be worse than what they face in Miami on Sep. 11. The Bolts should probably offer around 3 points in this game, not 4.5 points.

I’ll take the 4.5. There’s no telling how LAC plays in that soccer stadium in Carson, or how many people actually show up for the game. Miami should play inspired football after Hurricane Irma.

Pick: Miami +4.5  

N.Y. Jets +14 at Oakland Raiders -14

It’s hard to see the Jets keeping up on the scoreboard. Yes, I know 14 points is a lot. But, this is a bad, bad matchup for the Jets. NYJ’s defense isn’t terrible. It won’t stop the Raiders from scoring over 24 points in this game, though. Since the Jets should be good for 6 to 10, the Raiders should cover the spread.

Pick: Oakland -14 

Dallas Cowboys -2 at Denver Broncos +2

Neither one of these teams impressed me all that much in Week 1. Dallas beat the New York Giants without WR Odell Beckham Jr. Denver beat the L.A. Chargers at home. The Bolts could have tied the game if Denver hadn’t blocked a final seconds field goal.

I wish I didn’t have to make a pick. Since I do, I’ll take the 2 points on the Boys.

Pick: Dallas +2

Washington Redskins +2.5 at L.A. Rams -2.5

Washington’s defense has no shot of stopping the Rams’ offense. Not only that, but I don’t believe D.C. can score more than 24 points against the Rams’ defense. Washington loses by at least a TD. Heck, Washington might be get blown out in this game.

Best Pick: L.A. Rams -2.5 

San Francisco 49’ers +13.5 at Seattle Seahawks -13.5

Is Seattle 14 points better than San Francisco? Nope. Will Seattle beat SF by at least 14 points in NFL Week 2? Yep. Unless the 49’ers change their entire offensive philosophy in a few days, Seattle should trounce them by over 20.

Pick: Seattle -13.5

Green Bay Packers +2.5 at Atlanta Falcons -2.5

The Packers beat Seattle 17 to 9 in Week 1. Atlanta didn’t look that great when beating Chicago 23 to 17. Green Bay is still smarting after last season’s NFC Championship Game loss to the Falcons. I believe QB Aaron Rodgers and the Packers could make another early season statement.

What all NFL fans should watch for is how Green Bay’s defense plays in this game. If the Packers D can hold Atlanta to under 24 points, Green Bay might be the play to win Super Bowl 52.

Best Pick: Green Bay +2.5

Detroit Lions +3.5 at New York Giants -3.5

Don’t get me wrong, Detroit’s Matthew Stafford looked absolutely fantastic when throwing 4 TD passes against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1. Stafford showed that he’s worth every penny of his record-breaking contract.

But, the Giants defense is one of the best in the NFL. Detroit had trouble rushing the football against AZ. It’s hard for me to see the Lions having success rushing the football against the Giants’ defense. I like NYG to cover the spread

I like the Giants ATS with or without WR Odell Beckham Jr. playing.

Pick: New York Giants -3.5

What do you think?

Written by D.S. Williamson