5 Reasons to Watch the 2017 Pro Bowl

The 2017 Pro Bowl will most likely not break any TV ratings records. Generally, fans avoid the Pro Bowl like the plague. But for the hardcore NFL betting fans, it represents yet another game of football to enjoy. Here are five great reasons to watch.

Why You Should Watch the 2017 Pro Bowl

1. New location

For the first time ever, the Pro Bowl will be played in Orlando, Florida, a tourist destination for those who enjoy amusement parks and mice with big ears. That said, perhaps this will inject some life into the crowd. You might see a considerably younger crowd due to the locale, and that could represent a new level of enthusiasm for the play on the field.

2. NFL Picks

Yes, you can bet on the NFL Pro Bowl. As is the case with regular season and postseason NFL action, football odds are available on this matchup as well. And let’s face it – it’s always more fun when you have a few bucks on the line. However, don’t ask me to make a Pro Bowl pick. That would be insane.

3. Khalil Mack

Selected as a starter, the Raiders linebacker and NFL Defensive Player of the Year only knows how to play one way. So we expect him to put on a show and be entertaining. Period. Throw in the fact that Oakland was robbed of their postseason chances when Derek Carr went down and Mack may dish out some revenge.

4. It’s still football

Hey, what you rather be watching some sort of chainsaw or fireman competition on the weekend, or a decent brand of football? You won’t see players going 100% all out, but at least it’s still dudes strapping on the pads and making plays.

5. The circus

You never know what antics or controversial statement could come out of the Pro Bowl. Over the years we’ve seen stars say some dumb, funny or crazy things. So maybe 2017 will be full of headline-grabbing, attention-seeking personalities.

Enjoy the game everyone!

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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