Awesome Things from Week 3

Welcome to the Week 3 edition of “Awesome Things” where we’ll be covering the funniest, stupidest and most entertaining things to come out of the NFL this past week. Don’t expect any great insight, just some good laughs.

Week 3 was full of dramatic highlights and lowlights. Above and beyond the actual scores, these gems came out of this past week 3 in NFL football.

Odell Beckham Jr. v Kicker’s Net

Someone over at Bleacher Report needs a raise for putting this Mortal Kombat Odell Beckham Jr. v Kicking Net together.

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No Mas Matty Ryan

Matt Ryan took a pass on blocking the Saints 6 foot 4 inch 308 pound DT Nick Fairly in a tough situation. His face says it all. Good call Matty Ice. Good call.

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Intellectual Battles of Strength, Will and Honor

Did you watch Trump? Lol.

NFL Meme Funny NFL Stories

Colts Announcer Drops a Sweet F-Bomb On The Air

I have nothing else to add except: awesome.

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