Lightning Striking Twice: Chargers, Bosa and Eli Manning

Cheryl Kumerow Bosa and her son Joey Bosa. (Associated Press file photo)

The situation between the Chargers, Bosa and Eli Manning flashbacks hapenning today shows that lightning could strike twice in the same spot.

Chargers and Joey Bosa are not near an agreement, hence the third overall pick defensive end has not shown to camp with less than a week for the preseason opener.

Chargers, Bosa and Eli Manning

Yes it sounds confusing but it is all real.

What is with the Chargers?

Yes i will start with them since out of all the news around this issue, they are the ones to blame. It is common that same level drafted players get contracts without offset language and to get their signing bonuses up front. Well the Chargers do not want to give up either in the case of Bosa.

Let’s analyze this. Offset language is for realeasing players before time and not having to pay them the additional time of the contract. This means they are already thinking Joey Bosa will not deliver and they will have to cut him lose before the first five years. So why in hell did you guys chose him in the first place?

Deferring his bonus is just a plain Cheap shot. Why? The guy is the best answer right now for the Chargers lousy pass defense, and they want him pissed of for the rest of the season?

Guess that is why Eli Manning did not want to play with them. But we will get back to Eli later on.

Joey Bosa’s position

I believe that his stand is valid. He also has been clear that he would agree to either one: the offset language or the bonus. At least he is waiving half way.

What does Joey Bosa’s mom has to do with all this?

In a facebook comment to SD Bolt Report, his mom mentioned they should have done an Eli Manning on the Chargers.

And what does Eli Manning has to do with the Joey Bosa situation?

FLASHBACK: in 2004, the Chargers held the first pick in the draft, Manning was considered the favorite to go first. His father stood behind Eli’s decision to not play for the Chargers. Eli even said if drafted he would sit out the whole season. In an interview a couple of years back Eli stated he does not recall why. Eventhough the Chargers picked him first, they ended up trading him to the New York Giants for No. 4 pick Philip Rivers, 2005 first-round pick Shawne Merriman, third-round 2004 pick Nate Kaeding and Roman Oben.

Well the Chargers suck and with this position I guess tehy suck even more. Just want to know, either way this issue ends up going, what will happen later in the year when the team asks their fans to vote on the new stadium. We’ll see.

What do you think?

Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.


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