Dallas Cowboys QB Crisis Just Got Worse

Well if you thought last season was awful for Dallas quarterback situation, the Cowboys QB crisis just got worse yesterday as backup Kellen Moore broke an ankle during camp practice.

Cowboys QB Crisis Unadressed Issues

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner has not fixed this issue even with last year’s disaster. Maybe he thinks Romo will play all the games, without getting hurt. Really? Naiveness or being plain stubborn on this Cowboys QB crisis is now paying the toll. He wanted Moore and did not look for other options.

Why Moore?

Looking at Kellen Moore’s performance last year with 6 interceptions in 3 games, yes why Moore? Dallas has Jameill Showers, ranked by the staff as better than Moore, but Linehan loved Moore. Personally, Moore losing “several months” with a broken anckle may be what Dallas needed.

Why not a Veteran QB Insted of Moore?

Maybe he just does not want to pay for a good quarterback. Dallas had interest in Chase Daniel and Colt McCoy in the spring, but nothing happened, based on money differences. Matt Moore met with them but ended up signing with Miami for two-years and $3.5 million. Guess now those $3.5 look like a bargain to Jones who will now have to pay much more for a veteran QB.

They are now looking at Nick Foles. Nick Foles is way better QB than Kellen Moore, Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel for sure. Last week, Jones said Foles “isn’t an option” for the Cowboys and added: “We know Foles pretty well. We like Moore.” Well guess what, NFL.com reports there is mutual interest between Foles, who was cut by the Rams last week, and the Cowboys. Jones will have to eat up his words and Foles is not going to be inexpensive, specially in this situation.

Dak Prescott For the Future

Eventhough Dallas drafted Dak Prescott in the fourth round this year, it is hard to understand that he is only the third quarterback they’ve drafted in the last 25 years.

We think the move was accurate as a long term option but there has been some talks on him performing as the backup quarterback? Jerry Jones would actually kick it out of the stadium if he goes this way. Talk about ruining a career.

“We drafted him for a reason,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said of Prescott this week before Moore’s injury. “We think he’s going to have a chance to develop into something. But we’re not going to know that unless we put him on the field and play him.” Apparently saving some bucks might put Prescott in a tough position.

Apparently the kid has potential, as Romo put it: “He picks things up quickly,” Romo said. “And for rookies that’s not always the easiest thing. So, I think that’s been as impressive as anything, his ability to pick it up and then go do it. Sometimes you can say it, but then you got to see it and react as far as who is the [middle linebacker], certain things. Reads are going to come. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to go through your reads faster each year.”

Just do not feed him to the wolves.

It is time for Jerry Jones to face all his neglects in this area, pay the price, get a good backup quarterback, and build on Prescott for the future.

What do you think?

Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.