Early Super Bowl 52 Odds and Picks

While OTAs have only just begun for NFL teams, it’s never too early to consider Super Bowl betting. The current football odds to win the next NFL championship are intriguing to say the least. Sure, the Patriots are favored at 7/2, but there are some under the radar teams that could rise up and offer great value. Here are just a few early Super Bowl 52 odds and picks as we stand now.

Early Super Bowl 52 Odds and Picks

Batimore Ravens 33/1

The Ravens have some deficiencies, there’s no doubt about it. They could use an impact receiver and possibly another defensive lineman to pressure the QB. But they have Joe Flacco at QB and they have Ozzie Newsome at GM. So it means that they have a chance. This team had some close, hard luck losses in 2016 and it won’t take much for them to rise back to prominence.

Oakland Raiders 14/1

As of this moment, Marshawn Lynch hasn’t yet come out of retirement and been traded to the Raiders, his hometown. But it’s looking more and more like reality. Thus, we expect these odds to drop in the near future. So this is value while you can still get it.

Carolina Panthers 28/1

This team dropped off the radar last year. But a lot of the right elements are still in place. If they can win some more games within the division Carolina can rebound nicely. Cam Newton can’t have two bad seasons in a row, can he? I don’t see it.

New York Giants 20/1

Without a great running game and injuries, the Giants were a playoff team and a contender. If they can address a couple of issues we could easily see them going deep in the playoffs. the acquisition of Brandon Marshall alone is exciting enough to consider them.

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