The Joker gets Cheeky with Jimmy Graham

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Scott McGown, a Saints season holder and fan who has been dressing as the Joker ever since The Dark Knight featured Heath Ledger as The Joker, issued an apology to Jimmy Graham.

If you missed it, Jimmy Graham has said he won’t be doing the Endzone leap in the future. We figure it’s just going to take him time to get over the groping.

To be clear, the fans in the stands had this to say about the “incident”:

Phillip Jacobs 1 day ago
@whodat-70816 @Phillip Jacobs Yes he was trying to pull him up……EXACTLY….People were yelling PULL HIM UP PULL HIM UP….So thats what he Was trying to do….I was there….

FleurDeLuis 1 day ago
@whodat-70816 All in fun, lighten up people. Saints fans are a rowdy group of people and which sets us apart from the rest. Especially after a $19 bloody mary and a $10 beer). Get over it!!

Bill 1 day ago
Do not jump in backwards.

I thought this was New Orleans, not San Francisco

We also all have to remember, this isn’t the first time that an awkward jump height leads to compromising celebratory gestures. Behold:Jimmy Graham groped at Superdome

“I’d just want him to know I appreciate everything he does for the Saints. It wasn’t supposed to be a grope. That’s just where my hand ended up. It was never my intention to offend Jimmy. I hope he’s not offended about it. If he does take offense to it, I apologize.”

I was also at the game and I’m just wondering if Jimmy Graham would have felt the same about this had the game gone the other way.

Also available in Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) French

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