Los Angeles Rams (23) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (20) – NFL Super Bowl – Results


It couldn’t be in the 2019 season when they fell to Tom Brady’s Patriots with a score of 3-13. But it was worth the wait and, three years later, Los Angeles Rams won the second Super Bowl in their history after beating the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in a spectacular game that was not resolved until the last minute.

The Super Bowl game was played in the city of Los Angeles, California, at the home of the Rams.

The staging of the Bengals in the game was a declaration of offensive intentions by their coach Zac Taylor, their coach since he hinted on several occasions that he was going to go out and win this game playing his style, since, they had nothing to lose, and so it was, their team played a 4&1 in midfield at the start that went wrong.

Sean McVay, who had started by passing the ball to his running backs to wear down the opposing defense, smelled blood and threw the pass to Stafford for the touchdown. McVay had a perfect night thus far in terms of his passing, as he finished 4/4. The last of them to Odell Beckham Jr., whom he found in the corner of the red zone to score the first point of the match (7-0).

Cincinnati was doubling down on Cooper Kupp and that made it easier for his attacking partners. Still, on that same drive, the offensive player of the year concocted a 20-yard reception out of nowhere.

The Bengals’ response was immediate, it came through Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. With one hand and falling, the wide receiver picked up Burrow’s 46-yard pass from the sky, but in the red zone, Cincinnati could not solve it and had to settle for the field goal to score their first 3 units 7-3.

The Rams were in complete control of the game at this point and playing how they wanted, which on the next drive hit again with another touchdown, this time from Cooper Kupp.

The Bengals managed to adjust in the game thanks to Burrow managing to avoid the movements of the Rams’ defense. In total there were 12 plays for 75 yards in seven minutes until the score.

The author of the first score for the Rams was lying on the ground and had to leave due to injury.

After many offensive attempts by each team and with a very compact defense, the first half ended with a 13-10 lead for the Rams over the Bengals.

After the musical show at halftime, the Rams came out a bit sleepy, while the Bengals went out to kill or be killed, who with a 75-yard pass from Burrow to Higgins put themselves ahead 17-13 for the first time in the match.

The incessant attacks of each of the teams continued and the third quarter ended with a score of 20-16, favoring the Bengals.

After many attacks and constant pressure from the local team, the Rams managed to score in the last minute of the fourth period to give their team the victory and thus achieve the second championship in their history.

With 1:25 on the clock, Burrow jumped onto the field to at least take the game to overtime, reaching the distance of a field goal, something he almost achieved, but it was avoided by Aaron Donald who had the second sack of the game.

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