NFL Week 11 – Roundup and Results

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There are only 5 rounds left for the end of the first phase of the NFL and the teams are already rushing to do the math to understand how many wins they still need to qualify. Eagles, Chiefs, Vikings, and Ravens are the teams with the most wins in the leaguewhile Texans, Bears, Panthers, and Steelers appear at the bottom of the table.

Round 11 was full of good games and some scary scores, such as the Cowboys’ 40-3 victory over the Vikings, and the Lions’ victory over the Giants, away from home, by 31-18, continuing the good recovery from the Detroit team.

The Eagles beat the Colts, away from home, by 17-16, a few days after the surprising defeat against the Commanders, in round 10. The Washington Commanders themselves beat the Texans by 23-10, and reached 6 victories, but remain in the last NFC East placement.

With a few rounds left for the end of the first phase of the NFL, some teams seem to be well on their way to maintaining first place in their divisions. With 8 wins, the Chiefs lead the AFC WEST, while the Chargers, who are in second place, have only 5 wins.

In the NFC North, the Vikings have already won 8 games, but Lions (2nd) and Packers (3rd) have only 4 wins so far. The Titans are also calm in first place with 7 wins, followed by the Colts, who won only 4 games.

Let’s learn more about the main clashes of this last round, starting with the opening game of the round, which usually takes place on Thursdays.

NFL Week 11 – Roundup and Results – Thursday Night Football – Titans 27 – 17 Packers 

The Titans visited and beat the Packers last Thursday night at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. Faced with cloudy weather, it was the visitors who started the quest for victory by scoring the first touchdown of the match in the first quarter.

The Titans won the second quarter 7-0, lost the third 11-6, but came back into the game in the last quarter to go 7-0 againThe Titans led by key match stats like Total Yards, Rushing Yards, and Time in possession.

NFL Week 11 – Roundup and Results – Thursday Night Football – San Francisco 49ers 38 – 10 Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers and Cardinals faced each other in Mexico City, in the magnificent Azteca stadium, so famous for the soccer games of the Mexican national team.

Playing at home, the Cardinals looked like they had the game under control as they won the first quarter 3-0. Little did they know that the 49ers would come back completely different for the second quarter. The visitors won the following periods by 17-7, 14-0, and 7-0, demonstrating total control over the match and completely subjugating the home team.

With the victory, the San Francisco team remains at the top of the NFC West, while the Cardinals are paralyzed in third place in the same division.

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