Week 13 Highlights, Lowlights and Updates

The Patriots and Packers gave us an amazing Week 13 SuperBowl Preview. My Week 13 quick picks went 6-5 but I will say a few things in my own defense.

These are my own Week 13 Upsets and WTFs:

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars actually won a game! Ok so after that holy shit moment, the line was huge and no one would’ve called it. If you’re disagreeing, you’re lying.
  • The Falcons came to life or Stanton and the Cards may not be the real deal. We’ll find out heading into the last month of the regular season.
  • San Diego? Really? Be more inconsistent Phil Rivers and crew.
  • I’m not sure what to make of either the Browns or the Bills. I know neither of them will be major playoff contenders but they have the ability to be both amazing and terrible at any given moment.

We started out early last week putting together our Deadhit Sports Team Picks running right down the line we had:

Week 13 NFL Quick Picks: straight up quick Moneyline (straight) picks. No analysis and deep dives there, just your picks. I went 6-5, I’ve been worse and been better.

Patriots and Packers: We took the Under and it came through.

Redskins and Colts: I called for the Redskins to cover +9.5 and it just didn’t happen. I over-estimated the Skins and underestimated the Colts.

Cardinals and Falcons: Definitely thought this would’ve been alot closer than the final 11 points that it turned out to be. It was a 2.5 point line, as shaky as the Falcons have looks and as solid as the Cards defense has been all season, the 11 point spread on the final was a surprise.

Dolphins at Jets Monday Night Football Free Pick: Courtney’s calling the Under and we’ll have to wait but we all think it’s a solid call.

NFL Week 13 Highlights

Luck avoids pressure, heaves it downfield to the most open man in the history of the NFL Coby Fleener who drops it. Nice job.

[gfycat data_id=”WholeSelfishAsianconstablebutterfly”]

Mike Evans destroys Terrance Newman. This may be one of the best drops of the season or ever.

[gfycat data_id=”LonelyFlimsyBunny”]

Tom Brady is really fucking pissed off. Every Pats fan in the universe did the same thing.

[gfycat data_id=”ObviousRipeDragon”]

The Raiders are so good they’re tackling each other. Ray-Ray Armstrong takes out teammate during punt return.

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Trey Mason!

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Colt McCoy breaks three tackles and makes the pass. Give them time, the Redskins will be a force.

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The Vikings blocked a punt, returned it for a touchdown for the first time since 1986. Yes. 1986.

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Our boy Kenny Stills knows how to celebrate in Pittsburgh

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More Week 13 highlights and lowlights to come…

What do you think?

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