NFL Week 3 – Preview and Free Picks

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It would take an entire book to describe the most memorable games and moments of the second round of the NFL. Emotions abound in the world’s most beloved football league in round 2 and proved that this edition can be even more electrifying than the last.

The Rams won their first game of the season; the Jaguars beat the Colts 27-0; the Dolphins led in the number of points scored (42) and the Chiefs, Giants, and Buccaneers followed with 100% effectivity in the competition

Dolphins, Steelers, Jaguars, and the Chiefs lead the AFC division; while the Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, and 49ers lead the NFC divisions. Some of them will face each other this year, even in different conferences, as the current season schedule allows play between different conferences and between different groups.

The Week 3 will start on Thursday and we’ll break down the main games of the round so you can understand more about the teams’ momentum and who are the favorites of each match.

NFL Week 3 – Dolphins vs. Bills – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Sunday, September 25th at 11:00 am ET

Moneyline odds: Dolphins +166/ Bills -206 (Source:

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The Dolphins will have an extra day to rest their players after the tight victory against the Ravens (42-38), as the Bills will still play the second-round match on Monday, against the Titans.

The Bills beat none other than the Rams – last champions – in the first round, by a difference of more than 20 points (31-10), a situation that worries the hosts for Sunday’s confrontation.

The odds may change for this match based on the result of Bills vs. Titans, but the truth is that the Bills’ team has a good chance of winning the second-round match.

While bookmakers aren’t naming the Dolphins as the winner in this matchup, their two initial wins and their 62 points from two games are important stats to consider.

Our guess is for the Dolphins to win.

NFL Week 3 – Chiefs vs. Colts – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Sunday, September 25th at 11:00 pm ET

Moneyline odds: Chiefs -294/ Colts +228 (Source:

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The Colts achieved virtually impossible things in the first two rounds of the NFL: draw a game and lose without scoring a single point. The team’s Net points are already -24, representing the worst number in the league.

Beating the Chiefs will be a tough mission for them and all the major bookmakers point to the Colts as underdogs.

Easy win for the Chiefs.

NFL Week 3 – Giants vs. Cowboys – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Monday, September 26th at 06:15 pm ET

Moneyline odds: Giants -134/ Cowboys +110 (Source:

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The Giants and Cowboys will face each other on Sunday in a match that should be very balanced. Despite the Cowboys’ first-round loss to the Buccaneers (19-3), the team bounced back and beat the Bengals by 20-17, adding their first win of the current season.

The Giants won the opening game by 21-20 and beat the Panthers by 19-16 in another even game. The hosts won the first two matches, but they only have a Net point of 4, which means they didn’t beat their opponents easily.

While there is a greater balance to this game between two traditional NFL teams, our guess is for the Giants to win again.

Other games of NFL Round 3:

  • Steelers vs. Browns; 
  • Saints vs. Panthers;
  • Texans vs. Bears;
  • Lions vs. Vikings;
  • Ravens vs. Patriots; 
  • Bengals vs. Jets; 
  • Raiders vs. Titans;
  • Eagles vs. Commanders;
  • Rams vs. Cardinals;
  • Packers vs. Buccaneers;
  • 49ers vs. Broncos.

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