NFL Week 4 Top 10 Team Power Index

We have a new number one team at the top of the rankings. It’s hardly a surprise since this squad was in the Super Bowl last year. But still, it’ll be interesting to see how long they hold on to top spot. Meanwhile, the Broncos are our biggest tumblers of the week, while the Vikings rose the most spots, right back on the list after falling out the week before. Our biggest anomaly of the week? One team actually climbed two spots following a loss. It might mark the only time this season that it happens!

NFL Week 4 Power Index 2017

1- (+1) Atlanta Falcons – Sure, there was some controversy along the way, but that was a quality road win over a tough opponent for the Falcons. They’re humming along nicely on both sides of the ball and deserve this top spot.

2- (+1) Kansas City Chiefs – Sure, the Chargers are 0-3, but they’re not your typical winless team. This was an impressive road win against an opponent that traditionally plays them much tighter. KC looks good.

3- (+1) New England Patriots – Now before you object to me moving up the Pats despite needing a last quarter comeback, the Texans are good. They have found their QB of the future. And this was hard fought, impressive win. They put up a ton of points on a good D!

4- (+2) Green Bay Packers – The Pack has really yo-yo’d up and down this list, but I do think they’ll stay in the top five for a while. They struggled on D versus Cincy, but the Bengals had some new wrinkles not yet seen on film, so it took Green Bay a while to figure them out. Aaron Rodgers looks good, too.

5- (+2) Detroit Lions – This might be the first and last time this season that a team loses and rises two spots. But Detroit showed moxie and firepower in their loss to a great Falcons team. Had they won they might even be higher than this on the list.

6- (NR) Minnesota Vikings – Another team that’s been up and down this list. At the end of the day, they’re a winning team that found a way to win without their QB. The defense was outstanding versus the Bucs.

7- (NR) Buffalo Bills – It feels weird to rate the Bills this high, but their D is for real and they are tied for first place at the moment. Let’s see if they can replicate Week 3’s performance on the road, though.

8- (-3) Denver Broncos – That was a stinker of a second half for Denver on both sides of the ball. Skeptics will say that they can’t play 60 minutes of good football or win on the road. They will now have to prove those folks wrong.

9- (NR) Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team is back on the list. An impressive Monday night win, albeit in a place that’s kinda of like a home game, has made everyone think that the Boys are back.

10- (-2) Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers are barely hanging on to this list. They are just not looking like themselves right now. Allowing clutch plays to opposing offenses and not running the ball well enough.

Honorable mentions: Jacksonville Jaguars (okay, I almost had to eat my words and put them back on this top 10), Baltimore Ravens (what the hell happened?), Carolina Panthers (I feel dirty mentioning them at all right now).

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him  @MatthewWords.

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Written by Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's also a contributor to ESPN 101.3 Plattsburgh/Burlington. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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