NFL Week 9 – Preview and Free Picks

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The days continue to pass, and we are already in the second half of the 2022-23 NFL season, with a championship that has been full of surprises and that will hopefully continue until the end of the regular round. Every team is clear that from now on every win will be gold, as, the countdown to the postseason has begun.

Right now, we continue with 3 teams that, each day, reaffirm that their level of play is a step above the rest and, their only goal at this moment, is to achieve as soon as possible their qualification to the postseason, Philadelphia Eagles, who are still undefeated in the season, Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings, both teams with a 5-1 record leading their respective divisions.

Also of note, the Ravens won their second game in a row and took over first place in the AFC North. The Titans added their 5th win in a row and are taking an important lead at the top of the AFC South.

Undoubtedly, the NFC East is the most complicated division, as the Eagles lead with 7-0, but Dallas and NY Giants follow with 6-2, waiting for them to skid at some point of the season to knock them off the top.

While, in an unexpected situation, we have the Packers who after a good start to the season, have added their fourth consecutive loss in Week 8, to pull away from the Vikings in the NFC North. Finally, the Steelers don’t seem to be getting any better this season, and their chances of making the postseason are dwindling.

Now, the teams face Week 9 of the season, the first week of the second half of the championship, so getting victories at this moment is fundamental for the aspirations of all the teams to be present at the postseason party.

Next, we will have a preview of the best games you can enjoy in this Week 9 of the NFL, with their respective betting odds and free picks.

NFL Week 9 – Preview – Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles


Thursday, November 03 at 08:15 pm ET at the NRG Stadium

Moneyline odds: 

Philadelphia Eagles -850 

Houston Texans +550

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Thursday Night Football has been a very disappointing game this season, we have not had high-level confrontations, the teams have not been able to give good impressions and spectacles to the fans, and the Week 9 edition does not seem to offer a competitive battle.

The Eagles travel to Houston with a virtually assured victory and, as we have mentioned, with a perfect 7-0 record so far this season, they intend to inflict the sixth defeat on the locals and continue sinking them in their division.

Every day, the Eagles show that their goal is only one, to be one of the finalists in the Super Bowl in Arizona in February and, if they continue with the same pace of play, it is only a matter of time before they qualify for the postseason.

Philadelphia relies on 2 key players this season, their quarterback Jalen Hurts who has a pass completion percentage of 67%, with 1799 yards accumulated and 10 touchdowns. While running back Miles Sanders with 563 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns.

While the Texans are playing at an extremely low level at the beginning of the season, which has led them to only one win against another low-level team like the Jaguars, so their hopes in this game are practically lost.

The Texans need to wake up as soon as possible to avoid sinking further in the AFC South and dream of making a historic comeback in the second half of the season.

That said, our pick is a win how for the Philadelphia Eagles, and we suggest a SPREAD bet of -13 on them.

Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles Betting Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Week 9 – Preview – Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Commanders


Sunday, November 06 at 02:00 pm ET at the FedExField

Moneyline odds: 

Minnesota Vikings -176 

Washington Commanders +143

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It should be noted that this will be the first game that the Vikings will play against the team from the U.S. capital under the name of Commanders, which was adopted for this season 2022-23. In their historical record, this match shows an almost absolute parity, where the Vikings dominate with 14 victories, while Washington has won 13 times.

Minnesota is dreaming of being in the postseason again by being one of the best teams in the league in this first half of the season. Right now, with 5 consecutive victories, they are leading the NFC North, and, likely, they will not have opponents that could jeopardize their qualification to the postseason.

The Vikings come from a very good victory the previous day against Arizona Cardinals with a score of 34-26, where Kirk Cousins completed 24 of 36 passes for 2 touchdowns. While Calvin Cook had 20 carries for 111 yards and 1 touchdown.

On the other hand, we have Washington Commanders, a team that has changed its name for this season hoping that this will have a positive effect that will help them qualify for the postseason. But this is not going to be possible for now, since they have a record of 4 wins and 4 losses and, the worrying thing is that they are in the NFC East, sharing the division with 3 giants like the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants.

For this game, even though the Commanders come in with 3 consecutive wins, our pick is a Vikings victory and we recommend going for a SPREAD bet of -3.5 on them.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Commanders Betting Pick: Minnesota Vikings

NFL Week 9 – Preview – Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions


Sunday, November 06 at 02:00 pm ET at Ford Field

Moneyline odds: 

Green Bay Packers -166 

Detroit Lions +135

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We close the preview of this week 9 of the NFL with a game in which we will have two teams that need to return to the path of victory this week since their chances of qualifying for the postseason depends on a second half of the season with many victories, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

Being teams from the same division in the NFL, this duel is one of the most celebrated in the entire history of the league and, we can observe that the Green Bay Packers are the great dominators with 105 victories, the Detroit Lions have won 73 games, while 7 have ended with a tie on the scoreboard.

The Packers could be entering panic time at this point in the season, as they are coming into Week 9 with two consecutive losses and no one expected a team led by Aaron Rodgers to be 2 games under .500 in Week 9 of the season.

The Packers depend on the performance of their quarterback, Rodgers, and he needs to get his team’s aerial game going to get back to winning ways as soon as possible and even more so against a team as weak as the Lions have been in the first part of the season, who have a negative average of 8.1 yards receiving per attempt in aerial plays.

On the other hand, the Detroit Lions are going from bad to worse this season and, after giving their fans some hope with a 1-1 start, they have lost their last 5 games played and, what is worrisome is how they have fallen.

The Lions are allowing too many points per game and in one of them, specifically against the Patriots, they were crushed with a terrible score of 29-0. If the Lions want to stay alive this season, they need to change their countenance as soon as possible. Otherwise, they should be thinking about drastic changes for next season.

For this game, we believe that the Packers will be able to get back to winning ways against one of their favorite preys throughout history, that’s why our pick is a Green Bay Packers victory, additionally, we recommend a SPREAD bet of -3.5 on them.

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Betting Pick: Green Bay Packers

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