Rams (20) vs. 49ers (17) – Results

After an intense day and, with some very pleasant surprises in the results, we reach the defining stage of this NFL season, where the 2 best teams in the league will face each other to get the Super Bowl champion trophy.

Both games were heart-stopping and, although the favorite teams did not show absolute supremacy, one of them managed to take the victory in these conference finals, Los Angeles Rams.

Rams (20) vs. 49ers (17)

Both teams started with several doubts in this match and, after a quarter full of different errors, they ended tied with a 0-0 result.

Rams (20) vs. 49ers (17)

As the second quarter passed, the Rams suffered the loss of two very important players for them, Tyler Higbee and Cam Akers, who were very important casualties for them throughout the game.

Then, the Rams began to capitalize on their attacks and scored a touchdown before the end of the second period to take the lead with a score of 7-0.

Before the end of the first part of the game, the San Francisco 49ers managed to score 10 points putting them ahead on the board with a result of 10-7.

After an incredible kick from the 49ers and a touchdown after a very good offensive game, they managed to score 10 points on the board that put them in front with a score of 17-7.

The Rams did not stop insisting and managed to match the actions after two excellent scores in the game, leaving the table served for the end of the game.

Then, at the end of the game, an interception by the Rams who managed to score 3 points thanks to a kick, gave them the victory with a score of 20-17, giving them the pass to play the next Super Bowl.

The Rams reaffirmed their status as favorites in this game and, as predicted, managed to seal an excellent victory that led them to say present in the Super Bowl.

In the other game, there were many surprises, after the Chiefs seemed to have everything under control and that they would be comfortably in the Super Bowl, winning the game with a difference of 18 points, the Bengals reacted from one moment to another and achieved an epic comeback, in which they ended up drawing the game and going into extra time, where they managed to score 3 more points and take the excellent victory with a result of 27-24.

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