Ready to Win? Week 3 NFL Preseason Betting Picks

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We’re all aware that getting too up or down based on the performance of any NFL team in the preseason is never a great idea.

While the games are an important part of player and team preparation, the reality is that many of the players that we’ll watch over the next couple of weeks won’t even be on a roster once the season begins.

It’s still fun to have the NFL back, regardless of the quality at this point, and it’s also fun to put some money down on the games.

Week 3 of the preseason schedule has arrived and while the title here may be “sure” winners, I think it might be better to say that these are a few teams that I like to win this coming week and that you could bet against their NFL Preseason Odds.

Week 3 NFL Preseason Betting Picks

Rams over Texans

When: Friday, August 19th at 10pm (PST)
Where: SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, California

The Rams saw their preseason game play get off to a decent start with a 29-22 win over the LA Chargers.

Even though we won’t see much of Matthew Stafford or other big names on the Rams squad, we are likely to see another win.

This looks like it’s going to be another long season of rebuilding for the Houston Texans. Yes, they came away with a 17-13 win over the New Orleans Saints last week, but I would suggest that fans in Houston should not get too excited about that win. I think they will be coming back to earth this week with a loss to the Rams.

Steelers over Jaguars

When: Saturday, August 20 at 7pm (EST)
Where: Everbank Field, Jacksonville, Florida

In terms of playing time, the Jacksonville Jaguars actually have an edge over the Steelers this week.

The Jags played in the Hall of Fame Game, which means they are already 2 games deep, while the Steelers have played just once. That said, the Jaguars lost both games and have only managed 24 total points through those two outings. We have a battle going for the starting QB spot in Pittsburgh, with all 3 guys looking very good last week in a 32-25 win over Seattle. I think that battle continues to rage this week, which could mean that the Steelers put up some points against the struggling Jags.

Chargers over Cowboys

When: Saturday, August 20 at 10pm (PST)
Where: SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, California

Like we mentioned at the top of this piece, you should never get too high on a team in preseason or decide that they suck based on a game or two, especially when the sure starters are not on the field.

There are legitimate concerns in Dallas after watching the Cowboys rack up a whopping 17 penalties in their opening game.

The Cowboys are going to need to tighten up and stop giving up those penalty yards against a very efficient Chargers offense this week. Can they do that? I’m not so sure they can.

The Dallas defense is a mess right now and the healthy Cowboys backfield is still questionable.

Backing the Chargers is the right move for this game.

Betting during the Preseason

NFL Preseason Betting is a great way to make a profit on games that may not be expected to matter.

Preseason games are not given any importance and many sports bettors commonly make the mistake of believing this, thinking that they can seek out their favorites and follow them in the regular season.

The fact is that in the preseason, games will have upsets just as during the regular season, so it’s important to invest in the favorites that are expected to win.

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