Super Bowl 57 Best Prop Bets

When a game is so close, where even the bookmakers are staying away from making any bold prediction, where can we find value in the betting lines?

Super Bowl 57 Proposition Bets

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are both amazing teams, with their offenses and defenses being almost evenly matched.

If you haven’t checked out our Super Bowl 57 Best Bets roundup then now is the time, don’t worry, we’ll wait here while you get the update on the best bets being made from all over the net.

This is reflected in the Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under odds, which all point to a very close game.

The Moneyline has the Eagles as slight favorites at -120, while the Spread is set at 1.5 points in favor of the Eagles.

The Over/Under is set at 51 points, this could be a high-scoring Super Bowl.

Both teams have explosive offenses that can put up big numbers quickly, but they also have strong defensive units that will make it difficult for either team to pull away from the other.

It promises to be an exciting matchup between two evenly matched teams, but this poses problems for sports bettors like us.

When a game is so close, where even the bookmakers are staying away from making any bold prediction, where can we find value in the betting lines?

The answer: Prop or Proposition Bets.

It’s important to understand the difference between “real” prop bets and strictly entertainment prop bets. They’re different, graded differently by Sports Betting Exchanges and Sportsbooks and that can make a huge difference.

Prop Betting Explained

Proposition betting has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its potential for high rewards and low risk. It also allows bettors to get creative with their wagers and make predictions that may not be available through traditional sports betting markets. Whether it’s an NFL Player Proposition Bet or an NFL Entertainment Proposition Bet, these types of bets can provide bettors with an exciting way to engage with their favorite sport.

What is a Player Prop Bet?

An NFL Player Proposition Bet is a wager placed on the performance of an individual player within the game. This type of bet can include anything from predicting how many yards a quarterback will throw for, to how many touchdowns a running back will score.

What is an Entertainment Prop Bet?

On the other hand, an NFL Entertainment Proposition Bet is a wager placed on an event outside of the game itself. This could be anything from predicting which team will win the coin toss, to who will win MVP of the Super Bowl. These types of bets are often based on more subjective criteria and can offer higher payouts than traditional bets.

Pro Betting Tip

Be careful about putting any substantial amount of money on entertainment bets. Any media leak, early updates or social media leaks can cause these lines to be completely nullified or worse resulting in a “loss”.

Some of the shady offshore sportsbooks who have a checkered past of slow payouts, scamming customers and effectively stealing player funds use entertainment props to generate millions of dollars, then use a social media mention to nullify the bet or to adjust the outcome because of some very minor random reason.

Bettor Beware. Cuidado con las estafas.

Examples of NFL Player Proposition Bets for Super Bowl 57

  1. What will be the total number of passing yards by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes?
  2. Which player will score the first touchdown of the game?
  3. How many receptions will Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Travis Fulgham make?
  4. How many tackles will Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Anthony Hitchens record?
  5. Who will have the longest run from scrimmage in the game?
  6. What will be the total number of rushing yards gained by Philadelphia Eagles running back, Miles Sanders?

Super Bowl 57 Prop Bet Strategies

  1. Check out current odds – Before you place any wagers, make sure you check out the current odds for each bet you’re considering. This will help you determine which ones offer the best value and give you an idea of how likely your bet is to pay off. Sources like Covers and Vegas Insider provide up-to-date information on Super Bowl 57 proposition bets and their associated odds.
  2. Look for unique props – While traditional prop bets like “which team will score first” or “who will win MVP” can be fun, they often have low payouts due to their popularity among bettors. To increase your chances of winning more money, look for unique props that may not be as widely known or heavily wagered on. For example, Draft Kings offers a variety of interesting props such as “Will there be a successful two point conversion?” and “How long will the National Anthem last?”.
  3. Consider multiple bets – Placing multiple bets can increase your chances of winning while also allowing you to spread out your risk across different outcomes. For instance, if you think one team has an edge over another in terms of total yards gained during the game, consider placing separate wagers on both teams’ yardage totals instead of just one bet on who will gain more yards overall.
  4. Don’t forget about halftime – Halftime entertainment is always a popular topic during Super Bowls, and there are plenty of prop bets available related to it as well! From guessing what songs artists will perform during their set lists to predicting whether or not they’ll wear certain colors onstage – these types of props can add an extra layer of excitement while also providing some potentially lucrative payouts if you make the right pick.

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