Vulcun, DDoS and Collusion

The rumor in the Twittersphere is that popular fantasy eSports site Vulcun (who takes big fantasy wagers for some of the best eSports matchups) are having colluding fantasy bettors laying down big bucks on these players.

Hackers are then issuing DDoS attacks to end or affect the outcome of the games.

For those new to the world of betting, attempting to affect the outcome of games (regardless of type) happens often in Online Poker and Casino.

Online gambling organizations like Bodog, Pinnacle and Bet365 spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to lock down and harden their systems against this type and many other forms of fraud.

We’re thinking the relatively young and inexperienced world of Fantasy eSports isn’t quite ready for the onslaught of fraud real money gaming came bring to the forefront.

We have very little information beyond this and what we’re able to see in the Twittersphere. We’ve included a few of the tweets and threads we’ve been able to find out there.

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