Week 14 Highlights, Lowlights, and Updates

Things are getting tense as playoff chances get smashed left right and centre. Miami’s hopes are looking slim, the Bears are trying to get a losing streak going apparently, and the Eagles are still crying from their Seahawks beat down.

The important facts and what you shouldn’t have missed from Week 14: 

  • Saints fans couldn’t even watch on Sunday as the Panthers absolutely destroyed them 41-10. They did get to see a good fight out of it though…
  • The Seahawks dominated the Eagles with their defense leaving Sanchez looking confused and handing Chip Kelly the lowest yardage output of his career. 14 points on 139 yards? Ouch.
  • The Dolphins might as well pack it in. They’re a game behind the Ravens now in their battle for the AFC East wild card spot, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to see them in the playoffs.
  • That 42-yard touchdown between Luck and Hilton? Pretty friggin’ epic way to come back for the win. (See it below).
  • Surprisingly Brady didn’t play hero in the #NEvsSD rivalry on Sunday (okay, he was still great, but what do ya expect?) It was actually the Pats defense – especially Darrelle Revis and Akeem Ayres – who stole the show and kept Rivers at bay on his own turf to pull of a 23-14 NE win.


Week 14 NFL Quick Picks

I won’t be making big bucks off Week 14 that’s for sure. I only landed 2 of my 4  featured picks, and here’s how it all went wrong (or right, I guess, if you’re a glass half full kinda fan):

Ravens vs Dolphins: The Ravens swept this one at 28-13. I called them to take the OVER, but in the end they were still 5 points shy.

Patriots vs Chargers: I think everyone was expecting the OVER on this matchup (including me), but Brady and Rivers surprised us all by scraping together just 37 points – not enough to cover the 51 total.

Seahawks vs Eagles: The Eagles ate it on Sunday 24-14 against the Seahawks even though they were the -1.5 favourite. I said Seattle would cover, and what do ya know? I was right this time.

Cowboys vs Bears: It breaks my heart to bet against my Bears, but I told you all that Dallas would cover this one easily. Favourited at -4, they did it and then some with the final total sitting at an depressing 41-28.

Falcons vs Packers: The total went way over this time, coming in at a whopping 80 points after a 55 total prediction. If you took my advice and went with the OVER you’re probably pretty happy right about now.


Week 14 Highlights

Apparently Week 14 pissed a lot of people off: Rivers and Brady each had a tantrum and the Saints and Panthers got into an all out brawl (good one Cam Newton). But then there was Odell Beckham Jr., dancin’ it up like he’s Kevin Bacon.


At first, Tom was happy.

[vine id=”OrnnMKT3rJ2″ align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


And who wouldn’t be after this sweet move?

[vine id=”Or1xQ6zvp3a” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


Then he was pissed.

[vine id=”Or1Qajlqb3Y” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


But at least he didn’t get sacked this hard…

[vine id=”OrnBVdYjqEi” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


I think that hit rattled Rivers’ brain and loosened his grip:

[vine id=”Or1Uezv0T7l” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


And potentially made him forget who he was playing for…

[vine id=”OrnZ5wMjuHL” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


By the end, he’d had enough and we saw some Rivers rage:

[vine id=”Or1TlpneIwp” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


Tempers were high all over the place this weekend, just look at this epic brawl between the Saints and Panthers:
[vine id=”OriO12w1Qqn” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


I had to include this Luck/Hilton pass I mentioned earlier, proving why Luck is going to become the best of the best soon.

[vine id=”OO0nrvgpu6j” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes”]


To finish things off, a few sweet moves from Odell Beckham Jr.

[vine id=”OriIVaK3MDh” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]

What do you think?

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