2016 ISA WSG Champions: USA, Argentina and Peru

After eight long days of competition, on Sunday Finals the 2016 ISA WSG Champions came out to be USA (women), Argentina (men), and Peru (team).

2016 ISA WSG Champions

Women Open

Tia Blanco came on top after hitting 7.33 in her second wave and 7.39 in her third wave, both within the last 10 minutes of competition. The surfer that was on top for the first 20 minutes was Dominic Barona from Ecuador who had 6.50 and 8.17 in her third and fourth wave, and ended up second. Pauline Ado from France 6.53 and 7.93 in her third and fourth wave and was second until Tia Blanco scored her third wave.

Men Open

Coming into the final day only two surfers had not been defeated all week long: Francisco Bellorin from Venezuela and Noe Mar McGonagle from Costa Rica. From the Repercharge Final, came into the final round Lucca Mesinas from Peru and Leandro Usuna from Argentina. As the final 30 minutes were counting down, Lucca Mesinas held the first position since the start, with Noe Mar McGonagle from Costa Rica in a close second. Then with few minutes to go, Leandro Usuna got a 7.50 in his previous to last wave and that was enough for him to become the new champion.


Peru as team, came on top as the 2016 ISA WSG Champions, followed by Portugal and USA. Here are the scores.

2016 ISA WSG Champions teams

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