Covington’s Devou Park disc golf course reopens after basket thefts – LINK nky

Three days after 12 baskets were stolen from Covington’s new Devou Park disc golf course, a community effort led to the collection of enough baskets to reopen it.

The course had been open just days when the baskets were stolen overnight.

“We woke up this morning and discovered that someone, through the night, had basically stolen 12 of what they call the whole basket, and destroyed a 13th one,” said Covington Communications manager Dan Hassert said at a press conference Wednesday.

After the discovery, officials from Boone County Parks, which has their own disc golf course, offered to loan seven baskets to fix the Devou Park course.

Six other baskets were in storage in Covington because the city had originally planned on building a 24-hole course.

“The original course is back in action and ready to be played – in fact, people are already playing it,” said Jason Roberts, supervisor of the Urban Forestry Division, which includes Devou Park.

Covington Parks & Rec Manager Ben Oldiges said his spirits were lifted by everything that has happened since.

“We really appreciate the support – it’s incredible how we were able to put this back together so quickly, thanks to all the people who rallied together,” Oldiges said. “So many people reached out and offered to pay for new baskets, and we’re just sorting through all those offers.”

A Covington Public Works crew drove out Thursday to pick up the baskets, then spent the morning installing them. They also welded them into place to make them more secure.

Anyone with tips about the theft should call Covington Police’s Gregg Andrews at 859-292-2271.

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