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    If Stanley Cup Final ratings aren’t up this year, they never will be

    The Stanley Cup Final. The annual postseason hockey series where NBC regrets having to pre-empt regularly-scheduled programming to air something that attracts less eyeballs. I love hockey, I’m Canadian. But I’m also realistic in that it’s a sport that will never catch on in certain areas of the United States. The league can talk all […] More

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    NHL Advice: Just who are these Golden Knights, anyway?

    They’re the talk of the pro sports world. It isn’t even close. An expansion team on the brink of the pinnacle of its sport in Year 1? Whaaaat? We knew the Vegas Golden Knights would have some talent, and maybe even be competitive, but to come this far so soon is downright crazy. Let’s look […] More

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    Why the 2018 Washington Capitals are a team of destiny

    The NHL playoffs are reaching its peak, and the Washington Capitals are a big part of that. The perennial Stanley Cup contenders appear to finally be putting it all together this season, as they have jumped out to a strong lead in the Eastern Conference Final. It’s not that Tampa Bay has been playing badly. […] More

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    NHL Advice – Who will win the 2018 Conference Finals

    And then there were four. Four teams that will remain in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s cup. Four groups of players who dream about doing ridiculous things with the trophy. Last round, we saw the defending champs go down, a Cinderella story continue, a divisional grudge match get settled and arguably the most entertaining second […] More

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    NHL Playoff – Surprisingly, playoff hockey has never been better

    Anyone of a certain age is guilty of hearkening back to their younger days out loud, lamenting how sports today isn’t as good as it once was. For hockey fans, they have absolutely nothing to complain about with this year’s Stanley Cup action. We’ve seen animosity, drama, overtime games and even a lot of goals. […] More

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    Who’s going to win? Stanley Cup second round predictions

    Well now, that was an interesting first round of the NHL playoffs. It pretty much went chalk, with all of the favorites except Anaheim (they were only a point better than the Sharks in the regular season) winning. It’s time to dive in to the second round’s slate of games. 2018 Stanley Cup second round […] More

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    NHL Playoff Advice – Is this the year for the Caps?

    Admit it, when you saw that the Capitals lost both games in Washington, D.C. to start the series against the Blue Jackets, you thought it was over, right? You rolled your eyes and said ‘they blew it again?’ to yourself. You felt bad for Alex Ovechkin and labeled Holtby a non-playoff performer. You were already […] More

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    NHL Playoff Advice – Is Vegas For Real?

    They haven’t lost a playoff game in franchise history. Let that sink in a bit. Okay, the Vegas Golden Knights are only in their first season. But sweeping the likes of the Los Angeles Kings, a team with no less than 8 players with two Stanley Cup rings? Now that’s impressive. Throw in the fact […] More

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    Stanley Cup betting – Finding Value

    The early stages of the Stanley Cup playoffs have been outstanding. We’ve had overtime games. We’ve had chippy affairs and we’ve even had teams bouncing back from meltdowns. That said, NHL betting odds to win it all are constantly evolving. The oddsmakers are always trying to stay a step ahead of the betting public. But […] More

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    NHL Playoff Advice – These series are going the distance

    Ah, NHL playoff action – does it get any better than this? With the playoffs underway, 16 cities all believe that this could be their year. But alas, some will find out very quickly that the end is near. Still, no matter the results in Game 1 across the board, and no matter the NHL […] More

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    NHL Betting – This low seed could upset in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

    We’re all trying to figure out who’s going to advance in the NHL playoffs. Invariably, there are some upsets in round one and it’s better to be on the winning side of the NHL odds ledger. I’ve circled one matchup as a possible contender for such an upset. The amazing thing is that if you […] More

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    Stanley Cup Predictions – first round

    The playoffs are here! Finally! I know, I used two consecutive exclamation marks, but I am just so excited for better hockey. The postseason for the National Hockey League is so much better than the regular season. Emotions are high, there’s overtime until someone wins and there’s more hitting. It’ll be fun. At press time, […] More

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