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WTF is Deadhit Sports?

DeadHitSports (DHS) was founded in 2014, by a lifelong fan who’d consumed his fill of terrible Internet sports betting and fantasy content.

We’re just getting started but we’re not going to stop until we de-suck-ify the interwebs, it’s also possible that we could make things worse. We’re going to try try hard not to do that.

We’re not saying that all of the content related to sports online sucks completely. Some of it is pretty good, but there are a huge volume websites that fall into one or many of these categories:

  1. Bombastic touts yelling their way through their articles or shows.
  2. Unscrupulous sportsbooks and handicapping firms doing their best to reel in squares (those new to recreational gaming).
  3. Spamtastic shill websites set up as a front for other types of seedy operations. Most of these sites just repurpose content from multiple sources: copy, paste, publish.
  4. RSS feed generated websites that provide nothing more than regurgitation of sports news and updates.

In one small way we’re trying to fix that and if we’re lucky we may even be able to scratch together a couple of dimes someday. Right now, this is a project of passion so if you want to give us a hand then let us know!

Who Are We?

We’re a group of sports and fantasy fans, professional journalists and writers who have been talking about this problem for many years.

Many of us have been involved in offshore (seedy) and regulated (still seedy) gaming industries over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of things but one thing we respect is sports.

It’s our goal to create a great site with awesome content, created by fans, professional and amateur writers who love the games we all love to watch.

Deal with it or get a hold of us and get yourself set up on Deadhit Sports.