2017 MLB Weekly Power Rankings June Week 2

We haven’t hit the MLB All-Star Break yet. It doesn’t matter. This past week was interesting in the sense that the teams at the top pretty much stayed at the top. So the MLB power rankings june week 2 did not change much.

In the American League, the Astros continue to play great baseball. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox should fight for the AL East until the final day of the regular season. Minnesota and Cleveland are within a game and a half from each other.
In the National League, it’s all about the Washington Nationals, and three teams in the NL West. The L.A. Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks are all in my Top 4 NL Power Rankings.

2017 Weekly MLB Power Rankings June Week 2

Check out this week’s rankings!

American League MLB Power Rankings June Week 2
** All records as of June 11

1. Houston Astros 44-20
Last Week: 1

The Astros remain in the top spot. That could change after this week. Lance McCullers hit the DL due to a bad back. Without McCullers, Houston could be in line to lose more games than they win this week.

2. New York Yankees 37-23
Last Week: 2

The Yankees took care of business. They beat the Red Sox in 2 out of 3. They swept the Orioles in 3 games. New York figures to be in the thick of things well into the fall.

3. Boston Red Sox 34-28
Last Week: 3

They did beat Detroit in 2 out of 3. That was nice. Losing 2 of 3 to the rival Yankees wasn’t. What’s worrisome is how David Price imploded versus the Yankees last Thursday. He gave up a ridiculous 6 earned runs off 8 hits. Price must hit his stride soon for Boston to keep pace with NYY.

4. Minnesota Twins 32-27
Last Week: 4

The Twins are only 1.5 games ahead of Cleveland. Minnesota and Cleveland is a nice battle in the AL Central. The Twins went 3 out of 6 last week. They beat San Francisco twice and Seattle once.

5. Cleveland Indians 31-29
Last Week: 5

The rotation is slowly coming together. Corey Kluber has won 5 out of his last 6. Carlos Carrasco was fantastic versus the White Sox on Sunday. If Kluber and Carrasco keep it together, Cleveland should have no trouble overtaking Minnesota.

6. Tampa Bay Rays 34-32
Last Week: 8

Tampa Bay got to beat up on the A’s last week. They beat Oakland in 3 out of 4. The Rays beat the White Sox in 2 out of 3. Tampa’s not a bad team. With luck, they can challenge the Yankees and Red Sox.

7. Baltimore Orioles 31-30
Last Week: 6

Buck Showalter ran out of both smoke and mirrors last week. The Orioles lost 3 straight to New York. It wasn’t even close: 8-2, 16-3, 14-3. When it’s all said and done, don’t be surprised if Baltimore ends up last in the AL East

8. Detroit Tigers 30-32
Last Week: 7

The Tigers lost 2 out of 3 to Boston after losing 2 out of 3 to the L.A. Angels. Justin Verlander, the Tigers’ ace, hasn’t pitched well. Until he does, Detroit’s not going to challenge in the AL Central.

9. Los Angeles Angels 33-33
Last Week: 9

The Angels played well. They won 4 out of 7. That’s not bad. L.A. could make it to the post-season. There’s plenty of time for a wildcard.

10. Toronto Blue Jays 31-32
Last Week: 10

Last week set up perfectly for the Blue Jays to make some noise. They played the Oakland Athletics, and Seattle Mariners, and they beat Seattle twice. They only beat the A’s once.

11. Seattle Mariners 31-33
Last Week: 11

Seattle is right there for a wildcard spot. The Mariners beat the Twins in 2 out of 3. They lost 2 to the Blue Jays. Seattle might be the team to watch after the All-Star Break.

12. Texas Rangers 30-32
Last Week: 12

It’s a free for all in the AL West after the Stros and before the A’s. Texas, like Seattle, like the Angels, can get hot and grab a wildcard.

13. Kansas City Royals 28-34
Last Week: 14

I’m impressed with how the Royals have started to play good baseball. What’s ultra-impressive is how KC split 4 games versus Houston last week. The Royals aren’t too far off the AL Central leaders.

14. Chicago White Sox 26-35
Last Week: 13

The Chicago White Sox are only 7 games out of it in the parity filled AL Central. Can the White Sox play well enough to win the division? I’m not so sure. Cleveland appears getting it together while Minnesota has been good all-season long.

15. Oakland Athletics 27-36
Last Week: 15

What can I write about the Athletics? Not much. Oakland’s in trouble. The AL West isn’t deep, and they’re the worst team in the AL West.

National League MLB Power Rankings June Week 2
** All records as of June 11

1. Colorado Rockies 41-24
Last Week: 2

The Nationals hold on 1 lasted only a week. Colorado is back on top after beating the Cubs in 3 out of 4, and beating the Cleveland Indians twice.

2. Washington Nationals 38-24
Last Week: 1

Good and bad with the Nationals. The good? How about beating the L.A. Dodgers in 2 out of 3? The bad, uh, losing 3 out of 3 to the Texas Rangers is bad. One other good thing is that Max Scherzer struck out batter 2,000 third quickest in MLB history. Scherzer’s amazing.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers 39-25
Last Week: 3

The Dodgers swept the Reds to end the week. Losing 2 out of 3 to Washington keeps LAD at 3 on my power rankings.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks 39-26
Last Week: 4

Don’t sleep on the D’Backs. Like the very best teams in MLB, Arizona has two lockdown starting pitchers. Everyone knows about Zack Greinke. Did you know that Robbie Ray’s ERA is 2.62? D’Backs are a good baseball team.

5. Milwaukee Brewers 33-31
Last Week: 5

The Brew Crew kept their lead in the NL Central. Until they lose it, I can’t drop them behind Chicago, St. Louis, or the Cincinnati Reds.

6. Chicago Cubs 31-31
Last Week: 6

The light bulb hasn’t gone off for the Chicago Cubs. I’m not sure it ever will. The rotation isn’t nearly as sick this year as it was last year. The Rockies dominated the Cubs in Chicago when winning 3 out of 4.

7. St. Louis Cardinals 29-32
Last Week: 7

It took the Philadelphia Phillies to help the Cardinals right their sinking ship. Before ending the week with 3 straight wins over the Phillies, the Cardinals had lost 7 in a row.

8. Cincinnati Reds 29-33
Last Week: 8

If the Reds had played the Cardinals in 7 games, they might have gone 7 for 7. The week started out great with Cincy beating St. Louis in 4 straight. But, then, they played the L.A. Dodgers, who swept the Reds in 3 games.

9. New York Mets 28-33
Last Week: 11

The Mets are only 9.5 games behind Washington. I’m not sure they catch the Nationals. But, they’ll have a shot if they keep playing well. The Mets beat the Braves in 3 out of 4. They also split a 2-game set with the Rangers.

10. Pittsburgh Pirates 28-35
Last Week: 9

To tell you how competitive the NL Central Division is, the Pirates are only 4.5 games out of first place. Any team in the NL Central can win the division. That includes the Bucs.

11. Atlanta Braves 27-35
Last Week: 10

The Braves are only 8 games under .500. Doesn’t sound wonderful. Think about the Braves last season and it sounds super wonderful.

12. Miami Marlins 27-35
Last Week: 12

Miami’s a dangerous team. They beat the Cubs once in 3 games. They split 4 games with the Pirates. I’m not sure it’s wise to look past the Marlins. Sure, they most likely won’t make the playoffs this season. They’re still a dangerous team.

13. San Francisco Giants 26-39
Last Week: 13

There you go, San Francisco! A little bit of consistency. After getting out of the NL cellar, the Giants have maintained 13 on my power rankings. The good news for SF? Madison Bumgarner, the brilliant MadBum, is throwing heat from the mound. He could push SF into the Top 10 all by himself.

14/15. San Diego Padres 24-40
Last Week: 14

Are the San Diego Padres really better than the Philadelphia Phillies? Maybe, if you live in San Diego…

15/14. Philadelphia Phillies 21-40
Last Week: 15

…Are the Philadelphia Phillies really worse than the San Diego Padres…again, maybe, if you live in San Diego.

What do you think?

Written by D.S. Williamson


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