Best MLB bets for 2017 World Series odds

As spring training nears, we all dream of warm sunny days at the ballpark. To help get the ball rolling, baseball betting is already possible. I’ve taken a gander at the 2017 World Series odds and picked out a few value bets worth considering. So, let’s consider!

2017 World Series odds

Chicago Cubs 3/1

Sure, the defending champs are an easy pick to repeat, right? I am not exactly re-inventing the wheel. But the Cubs were close in 2015, won it last year and haven’t lost any significant pieces for 2017 (outside of Dexter Fowler), so getting them now at 3 to 1 might be a good bet, rather than later in the year when they’re on track for another 100-win season and not as appealing odds.

Cleveland Indians 12/1

To me, it’s insulting that the American League champs aren’t being given more than a 12 to 1 chance to win it all. They have upgrading at a couple of key positions and have added experience this year. These odds will plummet by mid-May, so hop on the baseball betting value now.

New York Mets 12/1

If the old adage of pitching wins championships is correct then the Mets will certainly be in the running for a postseason berth and chance at the World Series. They had some bad injury luck in 2016, so they’ll be hungry and playing with more intensity in 2017.

Houston Astros 12/1

The Astros played very well in the second half of last season and that trend typically translates into the next season if the roster is stable. That’s certainly the case here. If the starting pitching is elite then the Stros will be a force.

Colorado Rockies 60/1

I know, you’re rolling your eyes, right? Well if you have a few bucks to plunk down, why not buy a lottery ticket and consider a team that has a strong home field advantage, a couple of key offensive players and a couple of promising starting pitchers. The Rockies are a major longshot, but I do love this value.

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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