NCAA Top 25 College Football Week 13 Recap

Our top 25 college football week 13 recap shows that the field of contenders to the title is quite uncertain. Only two teams are left undefeated in the top 25 college week 10 football rankings as we move to week 14. Various changes will definitively happen in the top teams  in the poll for week 14.

Top 25 College Football Week 13 Results

#1 Alabama vs #16 Auburn 30-12

Alabama showed a strong weakness on the first half, but recoup in the second. For next week’s SEC title game Florida coud give them a surprise.

#2 Ohio State vs #3 Michigan 30-27

This was the game to watch. What a game. A true matchup between a real #2 and real #3 team in the nation. Michigan almost got the win, until OSU tied it 17-17 with 6 seconds left, resulting in two OT. From there the score went OSU 34-17. Then 24-24. Then 27-24 Michigan ahead with a field goal.  In the end Ohio State won the pulse with a running TD.

#4 Clemson vs South Carolina 56-7

Simply put. This was a butchery.

#5 Wisconsin vs Minnesota 31-17

Here is where you say, how can a #5 team in the nation gets pounded for three quarters? Hornibrook was taken out after he hit the ground, and Wisconsin was in trouble. Well not really, here the backup QB made things happen and Wisconsin gets away with the win.

#6 Washington vs #23 Washington State 45-17

Not much to say here.

#7 Oklahoma idle

#8 Penn State vs Michigan State 45-12

After a bad start, Penn State manages to get a grip and beats Michigan State in the second half.

#9 Colorado vs #21 Utah 27-22

Colorado holds tight after a slow start, beating Utah to win the Pac-12 South. Colorad[s defense fumble recovery in the fourth quarter was key to win the game. They will face Washington next week.

#10 Oklahoma State idle

#11 Louisville vs Kentucky 38-41

When did Louisville lost? Guess from the beginning. Against an unranked team this amount of scoring is unhealthy. So with two minutes to go Louisville fumbles, with the game tied at 38. Kentucky will score a FG with 18 seconds left, product of the fumble.

#12 USC vs Notre Dame 45-27

The second quarter was the determinant in this game. The rest is history.

#13 Florida vs #15 Florida Sate 31-13

This state rivalry can go either way any year. Just like it used to happen with Texas and TExas A&M on Thanksgiving day long time ago. This time it was the Seminoles. Well it has been four in a row now.

#14 Western Michigan vs Toledo 55-35

Another slaughter here. interesting point here. Western Michigan ends with an undefeated 12-0 season.

#15 Florida Sate played Florida

#16 Auburn played Alabama

#17 Nebraska vs Iowa 10-40

WTF happened here? You better watch the video.

#18 Houston vs Memphis 44-48

Houston in and out of the Top 25 like for the fourth time this season. Not worthy of even be in there I think. Also i do not hink his options of going to Texas or LSU remain.

#19 West Virginia vs Iowa State 49-19

Nice game, nice win.

#20 Boise State vs Air Force 20-27

Another flop by a Top 25 team. Boise State lost the game in the second quarter with the blocked punt turned into TD by Air Force.

#21 Utah played Colorado

#22 Texas A&M vs #25 LSU 39-54

Aggies bite the dust against the Tigers. Since 2012 LSU has not lost to A&M, year they joined the conference.

#23 Washington State played Washington

#24 Tennessee vs Vanderbilt 34-45

Another upset, last one for the day.

#25 LSU played A&M

What do you think?

Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.

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