NCAA Top 25 College Football Week 9 Recap

Our top 25 college football week 9 recap shows that the best bets were on the underdogs this week. Only four teams are left undefeated in the top 25 college football rankings as we move to week 10. Various changes will definitively happen in the top teams  in the poll for week 10.

On our week preview we predicted these games were going to be upsets:

#15 Auburn Tigers Vs Ole Miss Rebels
#7 Nebraska Cornhuskers Vs 11 Wisconsin Badgers

Well went 50/50.

Top 25 College Football Week 9 Results

#1 Alabama idle

#2 Michigan vs Michigan State 32-23

This was a relatively easy game for Michigan, and they remain as one of the 4 undefeated teams left.

#3 Clemson vs #12 Florida State 37-34

Clemson errors almost cost them the game. Florida State should have won, they trully deserved it, it just did not happen.

#4 Washingotn vs #17 Utah 31-24

Washington looked solid in the game. They are the last of the four undefeated teams left.

#5 Louisville vs Virginia 32-25

Virginia gave Louisville quite a scare for the first three quarters of the game, their receivers just could not catch a ball. Losing by one with 13 seconds to go Louisville manages to score and win.

#6 Ohio State vs Northwestern 24-20

Another top 10 team having issues to win. Both were tied at 17 coming into the fourth quarter. Finally Ohio came on top.

#7 Nebraska vs #11 Wisconsin 17-23

This was our first upset prediction. We knew Wisconsin is a heart breaker, and they proved it here, beating undefeated Nebraska in overtime.

#8 Baylor vs Texas 34-35

The Longhorns beats undefeated Baylor at Austin. We saw almost everything happen in this game (dejavu vs Notre Dame), except the overtime. Definitively Texas defense is bad, but this time did not allow the +40 points. Getting better? Doubt it, but next year this team will rock.

#9 Texas A&M vs New Mexico State 52-10

The Aggies just rolled over the Aggies. Aggies soup, yes, but it was A&M on this one. No surprises here.

#10 Virginia Tech vs Oklahoma State 20-37

Actually this was the first upset of the day, and the first undefeated team to bite the dust on Saturday. Oklahoma Sate just plundered Virginia Tech on every quarter.

#11 Wisconsin played Nebraska

#12 Florida State played Clemson

#13 Boise State vs Wyoming 28-30

Wyoming upsets Boise State with game-winning safety. You have to watch the video…

#14 Fllorida vs Georgia 24-10

Easy game for Florida after the first half, leaving Georgia scoreless in the second.

#15 Auburn vs Ole Miss 40-29

Yup we said this would be an upset, but did not go well for Ole Miss. Seems they lost the magic already.

#16 Oklahoma vs Kansas 56-3

Sooners just smashed Kansas since the beginning of the game. No mercy here.

#17 Utah played Washington

#18 Tennessee vs South Carolina 21-24

And yes another upset.

#19 LSU idle

#20 Western Michigan idle

#21 North Carolina idle

#22 Navy vs South Florida 45-52

And ANOTHER upset. This was on Friday, guess it was the starting point for all of those upsets on Saturday. On the first quarter alone it was 28-0 and USF kept the pace for 3 quarters. Navy tried to recoup in the fourth quarter but it was too late.

#23 Colorado idle

#24 Penn State vs Purdue 62-24

Penn State had no issues taking care of Purdue. It was an easy win.

#25 Virginia Tech vs Pittsburgh 39-36

Last in the list but first game of the week on Thursday. This one almost slipped form VA Tech hands. They were tied at 29 in the fourth quarter and it was defined there. Some great catches in this game. Watch.

What do you think?

Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.