2017 NFL Week 3 Preview

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After going 9 and 6 against the spread in NFL Week 1, I went a disastrous 4 and 12 ATS in NFL Week 2. Am I really that bad of an NFL handicapper? I hope not! Check out my 2017 NFL Week 3 Preview!

2017 NFL Week 3 Preview

L.A. Rams -2.5 at San Francisco 49’ers +2.5

I believe the Rams have a much better offense than what it showed against Washington in the 20 to 27 loss. QB Jared Goff didn’t have much of a shot against a Washington D that knew exactly what he was thinking on most plays.

San Francisco battled hard against Seattle. Since I feel that the Rams loss was more of familiarity while San Francisco’s great 9 to 12 loss to Seattle was more about how bad the Seahawks played, I must lay the 2.5 points.

Pick: L.A. Rams -2.5

Baltimore Ravens -4 vs Jacksonville Jaguars +4

Baltimore isn’t great at rushing the football. Then again, the Jags allowed the Titans to rush for 179 yards and over 5 yards per carry in Jacksonville’s ridiculous 16 to 37 loss in Week 2. Could Baltimore run all over Jacksonville in London?

The Ravens might. But, I still believe in Jacksonville’s defense. I think the Jags bounce back with a nice effort. the Jags must stick to the rush so that things become easier for QB Blake Bortles.

I’ll take the 4 points.

Pick: Jacksonville +4 

Denver Broncos -3 at Buffalo Bills +3

The Denver Broncos are a great candidate to bounce off their stunning 45 to 17 win over the Dallas Cowboys at home in Week 2. Denver isn’t as good as the score in the victory over the Boys imply. Buffalo has a good defense. Plus, Denver LT Garrett Bolles, their number one draft pick, might be out in this game.

If Denver’s left tackle is out in this one, forget it. The Buffalo defense sacked Cam Newton 6 times in Week 2. It should have no trouble getting to Denver QB Trevor Siemian. Also, the Broncos’ D might have trouble containing Bufflo RB LeSean McCoy.

I like Buffalo straight up in this match up.

Best Pick: Buffalo money line

New Orleans Saints +5.5 at Carolina Panthers -5.5

I can’t believe I’m doing this. But, again, I’m siding with the New Orleans Saints. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe the Saints can turn around their terrible defense in a week. That’s not possible.

The reason I like New Orleans is because QB Cam Newton was sacked 6 times in the win over Buffalo. New Orleans always plays Carolina tough. If New Orleans goes to a bend but don’t break D, they’ll contain Carolina’s offense.

5.5 points are just too much to give to the Saints in a game against the Panthers.

Pick: New Orleans +5.5

Pittsburgh Steelers -7.5 at Chicago Bears +7.5

The Steelers sure looked good laying 29 points onto the Minnesota Vikings in Week 2. The Bears were horrible when losing 7 to 29 to Tampa Bay in their last. But, Chicago played Atlanta tough at home in Week 1. I like Pittsburgh. I just believe Chicago plays tough on Sunday.

Pick: Chicago +7.5

Atlanta Falcons -3  at Detroit +3

The Falcons’ offense should have no trouble moving the football. Detroit has looked good versus 2 of the worst teams in the NFC so far this season, the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants. I think Lions’ fans could be in for a rude awakening in NFL Week 3. The Falcons should lay at least 35 points onto Detroit’s defense.

Atlanta rolls.

Pick: Atlanta -3

Cleveland Browns -1 at Indianapolis Colts +1

This game is hard to handicap because we don’t know if Cleveland starting QB DeShone Kizer plays or not. What’s to say he doesn’t get migraines in Week 3? Okay, maybe, it’s not that difficult to handicap.

Indianapolis is a bad team. They got lucky that Arizona didn’t blow them out in Week 2. Cleveland isn’t as bad as Indianapolis. Baltimore got to tee-off on Browns’ RB Isaiah Crowell after WR Corey Coleman left the game with a broken hand.

Indy can try to tee-off on Crowell. They won’t have success.

Best Pick: Cleveland -1 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  at Minnesota Vikings

Vegas oddsmakers are waiting to see if Minnesota QB Sam Bradford plays or not. If Bradford can’t play, I still like the Minnesota Vikings. I think Tampa bounces off their 29 to 7 win against Chicago in Week 2. The stats in that game show that Tampa’s offense didn’t play too well.

Pick: Minnesota against the spread 

Houston Texans +13 at New England Patriots -13

The Texans don’t have much of a shot of keeping this game close. New England’s offense should be too much for the Texans while the Texans’ offense just isn’t very good. With that being written, New England could bounce off the big win over the Saints in New Orleans in Week 2.

I’ll take the points.

Pick: Houston +13

Miami Dolphins -6 at New York Jets +6

This is a no-brainer pick. Miami beat the L.A. Chargers 19 to 17 by playing tough defense Not only that, but veteran QB Jay Cutler ran coach Adam Gase’s system to perfection. The Fins could be a tough team to deal with in the AFC while the Jets are just bad.

Best Pick: Miami -6

New York Giants +6 at Philadelphia Eagles -6

It’s apparent to me after watching the Giants play like a bunch of rookies in the 10 to 24 loss to Detroit in Week 2, that the NYG just doesn’t care about being a good football team.

I’d consider taking the points in this game if NYG hadn’t allowed the Detroit Lions to rush for 138 yards on 32 carries. The Giants are a mess of a football team right now. I can’t back the Giants against the spread versus any team.

Pick: Philadelphia -6

Seattle Seahawks +2.5 at Tennessee Titans -2.5

Tennessee is a serious candidate to bounce off their fantastic 37 to 16 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2. I think they do. Seattle isn’t as bad as they looked in the 12 to 9 win over San Francisco. Seattle should win this game straight up.

Best Pick: Seattle money line 

Cincinnati Bengals +9 at Green Bay Packers -9

We don’t know a lot about Green Bay WR Jordy Nelson’s quad injury. We do know that Cincinnati’s defense is allowing 169.5 rushing yards per game. So, Green Bay hands the ball off to RB Ty Montgomery before throwing it all over the football field? Yep. That’s exactly what the Packers do.

Pick: Green Bay -9 

Kansas City Chiefs -3 at Los Angeles Chargers +3

25,381 fans showed up to watch the Los Angeles Chargers play football in their loss to Miami in Week 2. How many are going to show up this Sunday when the Chargers lose to the Kansas City Chiefs? It’s hard to tell. I’m thinking 30,000 because Kansas City is the best team in the NFL.

Pick: Kansas City -3  

Oakland Raiders -3 at Washington Redskins +3

Let’s not kid ourselves. Washington knew the best defensive plays to call to stop the Rams’ offense. That’s what happens when a great offensive coordinator faces his former team. Oakland’s going to be a different story on Saturday. The bottom line with this game is that Washington’s offense can’t outscore the Raiders’ offense. Even if Washington has some success scoring TDs, it won’t come close to matching Oakland’s offensive output.

Best Pick: Oakland -3 

Dallas Cowboys -3 at Arizona Cardinals +3

The Cowboys played so badly on the road versus Denver that although my head tells me they should cover the 3 points against Arizona, my gut says to take the points. I must. Dallas could be in major disarray because owner Jerry Jones opened his mouth to insist that Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t the only player on Dallas that loafed around during a Bronco interception in Week 2. Really? That’s your excuse for Zeke, Jerry?

That’s a sign the Boys could be in some trouble. If Arizona starts RB Chris Johnson, and hands the ball off to him at least 16 times while also passing the football to him, the Cardinals might beat Dallas straight up in this game.

Pick:  Arizona +3

What do you think?

Written by D.S. Williamson

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