2017 NFL Week 3 Recap

If there’s one thing we learned from NFL Week 3, it’s that parity is alive and well. Some of the biggest dogs in Week 3 not only came through with wins against the spread, they also came through with wins on the money line. Check out a recap of NFL  Week 3!

2017 NFL Week 3 Recap

L.A. Rams -2.5 at San Francisco 49’ers +2.5

The L.A. Rams jumped out to a nice lead over the San Francisco 49’ers in Week 3’s Thursday game. Things went south for the Rams in the 4th quarter when SF scored 19 points. LAR held on for the win. The Rams didn’t cover the spread although they had a sweet 21 point lead going into quarter 4. Maybe, the 49’ers aren’t as bad as I thought. Or, maybe, the Rams aren’t as good as I thought.

Result: Rams 41, 49’ers 39

Baltimore Ravens -4 vs Jacksonville Jaguars +4

This game was over before the Ravens got off the plane. The first matchup of the current NFL Season to take place in London turned out to be one of the most boring affairs possible as Jacksonville, the home team in this case, dominated Baltimore. The Jags’ defense came back to life after a subpar Week 2 performance.

How good was the D? It forced 2 Joe Flacco interceptions along with a lost Terrance West fumble. Baltimore wasn’t prepared for this game.

Result: Jaguars 44, Ravens 7 

Denver Broncos -3 at Buffalo Bills +3

As I suspected, Denver bounced off their smashing victory against the Dallas Cowboys in NFL Week 2. Buffalo has covered in every game this season. The Bills play a perfect blend of bend but don’t break. It’s more like bend and break once in a while. The Bills allow an average of 12.3 points per game. The offense is much better than anyone’s giving it credit for.

A road game versus the Atlanta Falcons await Buffalo in Week 4. We’ll see how the Bills stack up versus the reigning MVP.

Result: Bills 26, Broncos 16

New Orleans Saints +5.5 at Carolina Panthers -5.5

All the Saints’ defense needed to do was play bend but don’t break, which is what it did when trouncing the Carolina Panthers in a big road win. New Orleans intercepted Cam Newton 3 times. They also forced 2 Newton fumbles, none of which Cam lost.

The Saints were balanced on offense. Drew Brees threw 3 TD passes. He only threw for 220 yards while Saints running backs rushed for 149 yards. What’s impressive about New Orleans’ rushing stats is that Mark Ingram led the brigade with only 56 yards rushing.

Result: Saints 34, Panthers 13

Pittsburgh Steelers -7.5 at Chicago Bears +7.5

The key stat in this game was Pittsburgh allowing Chicago to rush for 220 yards on 38 carries. RB1 Jordan Howard went nuts. He rushed for 138 yards and scored 2 TDs. Back-up Tarik Cohen wasn’t bad. He rushed for 78 yards on 12 carries.

Chicago beat the mighty Steelers with QB Mike Glennon passing for 101 yards, a single TD, and a pick. If Pittsburgh’s D can’t stop the rush, forget the playoffs much less the Super Bowl.

Result: Bears 23, Steelers 17

Atlanta Falcons -3  at Detroit Lions +3

Wow, Atlanta got lucky in this game! The refs made the right call by overturning Golden Tate’s last second TD for the Lions’ win. Tate’s entire thigh was down before the ball crossed the goal line. I believe Atlanta has a tough time of it versus Buffalo at home in NFL Week 5.

QB Matt Ryan tossed 3 interceptions against Detroit’s secondary. Buffalo’s defense is no joke. The Falcons always have trouble versus Carolina’s defense. Sean McDermott, who built the Panthers’ D, is now Buffalo’s head coach.

Result: Falcons 30, Lions 26

Cleveland Browns -1 at Indianapolis Colts +1

Browns versus Colts ended up being what you’d expect, an interesting game between a couple of teams that just aren’t good enough to do much more than beat each other. QB Jacoby Brissett played well versus a bad Browns’ defense. Brissett completed over 70% of his passes. He scored 2 rushing TDs with his legs. It was a nice performance.

Result: Colts 31, Browns 28

Tampa Bay Buccaneers pk  at Minnesota Vikings pk

Just to prove how awful things were in L.A. with the Rams last season, Minnesota back-up QB Case Keenum decided to torch the Buccaneers’ defense. Keenum threw for 369 yards and 3 TDs. He completed 25 of 33 passes. He didn’t throw a pick. Wow.

Result: Vikings 34, Buccaneers 17

Houston Texans +13 at New England Patriots -13

I thought the Patriots were going to squash Houston. I’m not sure why, but New England decided to pass the ball versus Houston’s D instead of rushing it and controlling the clock. It almost cost the Pats the win. Houston had no trouble getting into a shootout with New England. Tom Brady was exceptional. He threw 5 TD passes. But, the Patriots’ defense allowed rookie QB DeShaun Watson to throw for 301 yards and 2 TDs. Houston also rushed for 125 yards.

Result: Patriots 36, Texans 33

Miami Dolphins -6 at New York Jets +6

This had to be the biggest disappointment of NFL Week 3. In the days leading up to the game, all we heard was how Dolphins’ RB Jay Ajayi was going to dominate. Ajayi rushed for 16 yards on 11 carries. Not only that, but Miami’s defense couldn’t stop the Jets’ offense. The Dolphins provided one of the worst performances, so far, this season. It was close to shameful.

Result: Jets 20, Dolphins 6

New York Giants +6 at Philadelphia Eagles -6

The Giants proved that without a rushing attack, it’s awfully difficult to win any NFL game.  Eli threw 2 picks. When you’re pushing on every play, when you’re only choice is to throw the football, interceptions happen. Eli was good enough to still put the Giants into a winning position.

What happened? No rushing attack. Philly’s offense controlled the line of scrimmage. The Giants’ defense wore down. Philadelphia ended up rushing for 193 yards from 39 carries. The Giants are 0 and 3.

Result: Eagles 27, Giants 24

Seattle Seahawks +2.5 at Tennessee Titans -2.5

It might be time to put a fork into the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is 1 and 2 after losing straight up to the Tennessee Titans in Week 3. It’s not that Seattle is 1 and 2. There are other teams with a 1 and 2 record who could make the playoffs. Seattle doesn’t look like 1 of those 1 and 2 teams. What bothers me about the Seahawks is that they’ve gone 1 and 2 straight up and  0 and 3 ATS.

The defense has played worse from game to game. The Seahawks can’t rush the football while it’s difficult for the D to stop the rush. The Seahawks might be ready for the fork.

Result: Titans 33, Seahawks 27

Cincinnati Bengals +9 at Green Bay Packers -9

The Bengals played too well to lose this game. What happened? Aaron Rodgers happened. Rodgers looked terrible at the beginning of the game. He got it going, and ended up throwing for over 300 yards and 3 TD passes. Green Bay found a way to beat the Bengals even though Cincy had the Packers on the ropes late in the game.

Result: Packers 27, Bengals 24

Kansas City Chiefs -3 at Los Angeles Chargers +3

Kansas City does what it takes to win. The Chiefs picked off Phillip Rivers 3 times. KC QB Alex Smith threw 2 early TDs, including a 30-yards strike to Tyreek Hill. KC then switched to rushing the football, which turned out to be the right move. RB Kareem Hunt once again impressed. Hunt rushed 17 times for 172 yards.

Result: Chiefs 24, Chargers 10

Oakland Raiders -3 at Washington Redskins +3

I wrote that Miami’s performance was the most disappointing in NFL Week 3. I was wrong. The Raiders’ god-awful performance versus Washington in Week 3 takes the cake. I have no clue how QB Derek Carr could play so badly after being fantastic in the season’s first 2 weeks. Carr completed only 19 of 31 passes. He threw 2 interceptions. On the other side, Kirk Cousins went crazy. He threw for 365 yards and 3 TD passes.

Result: Washington 27, Raiders 10

Dallas Cowboys -3 at Arizona Cardinals +3

The Cowboys provided a bounce back performance in Week 3. Dak Prescott provided his usual steadiness when completing 13 of 18 for 183 yards. Dak threw 2 TD passes. Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 80 yards while scoring a TD. It wasn’t a fantastic performance. It led to a Cowboys win, though. The Boys battle the Rams at home in NFL Week 4. That could be a shootout.

Result:  Cowboys 28, Cardinals 17

What do you think?

Written by D.S. Williamson

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