2017 NFL Week 9 Recap

NFL Week 9 continued to be the year of the underdog. While preseason Super Bowl favorites Atlanta, Seattle, and Green Bay struggled, preseason also-rans again played huge. No team played as huge as the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles obliterated the Denver Broncos. The Eagles weren’t the only preseason wannabe that has become a true Super Bowl challenger this season. The Saints won their sixth in a row while the Jacksonville Jaguars and L.A. Rams showed that they’ve got what it takes for deep playoff runs.

Check out a recap of everything that happened in NFL Week 9!

2017 NFL Week 9 Recap

Buffalo Bills -3.5 at New York Jets +3.5

The Bills went into New York having beaten the Oakland Raiders in Week 8. Unfortunately, the New York Jets were having none of it. By the end of the third quarter, Josh McCown had led the Jets to a 24 to 7 lead. Even in the fourth, when Buffalo scored 2 TDs, the Jets managed 10 points. The final score? Jets 34, Bills 21. Nobody saw that coming, right?

It’s apparent that Buffalo isn’t quite at the New England Patriots’ level. Just making it to the playoffs this season is a huge step for the Bills. Buffalo’s get a tough Week 10 game versus the scorching New Orleans Saints.

Results: Jets 34, Bills 21

Indianapolis Colts +13 at Houston Texans -13

Houston lost quarterback DeShaun Watson during practice last week. NFL handicappers gave the Texans the benefit of the doubt. When this game went off, Houston was a solid -6 home favorite over the terrible Indianapolis Colts.

Indianapolis wasn’t terrible in this game. The Texans didn’t change the playbook one iota. No, seriously. QB Tom Savage threw the football 44 times while neither Lamar Miller nor D’Onta Foreman received more than 11 carries. It was ridiculous. There’s no way to win with Tom Savage unless you run the football.

Because Houston decided not to change up their offense, the Colts beat the Texans straight up.

Results: Colts 20, Texans 14

Cincinnati Bengals +5.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars -5.5

I thought the Jaguars had the Bengals over a barrell. Jacksonville’s defense is excellent against the pass. It’s pass rush is the best in the NFL. Going into the game, the Jaguars’ D had produced 33 sacks. That’s impressive. Cincinnati’s offensive line isn’t very good.

The thing is, Jacksonville only sacked Cincy QB Andy Dalton twice. What the Jaguars did do was hold Bengals’ running backs to 29 yards from 17 carries. If the Jaguars have developed a rush defense, forget it. The best D in the NFL could take this team a long, long way.

Results: Jaguars 23, Bengals 7 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7 at New Orleans Saints -7

The knock against the Saints’ D was that they were prone to long runs. Not in NFL Week 9. New Orleans’ defense held Tampa Bay to 87 rushing yards from 27 carries. That’s ridiculously low. The Saints rumbled for 151 yards while RB Alvin Kamara caught 6 of 7 targets for 84 yards and a TD. Oh, yes, Drew Brees also threw for 263 yards and 2 TDs while completing 22 of 27.

New Orleans is legit. That’s 6 straight wins both straight up and against the spread. Plus, the Saints are doing it with one of the top 5 toughest schedules in the NFL.

Results: Saints 30, Buccaneers 10 

L.A. Rams -3.5 at New York Giants +3.5

The Giants didn’t just lose to the L.A. Rams. They pretty much lied down and repeatedly let the Rams kick them all over. It was as bad of a performance by the Giants that I’ve seen in a long, long time. You can’t blame Eli on this kind of horribleness.

The Rams rushed for 162 yards. That’s not all. Rams’ QB Jared Goff also threw for 311 yards. He threw 4 TD passes. LAR pummeled NYG in every phase of the game. The Giants were supposed to challenge for the NFC East this season. Really? I mean, really?

Results:  Rams 51, Giants 17

Atlanta Falcons +2.5 at Carolina Panthers -2.5

There was a moment where it looked like Atlanta might actually win the football game. The Falcons jumped out to a 10 to nothing lead. Then, the second quarter came around, Carolina scored 14 points, and we all knew it was over.

Atlanta’s just not a good football team. The Falcons only rushed for 53 yards in this contest. Matt Ryan threw for 313 yards and 2 TDs. Cam Newton only threw for 137 yards. How did Carolina win? The Panthers rushed for a ridiculous 201 yards.

Results:  Panthers 20, Falcons 17

Denver Broncos +7.5 at Philadelphia Eagles -7.5

The Broncos lost this game before exiting the plane at Philadelphia International Airport. Broncos’ coach Vance Joseph’s idea of starting Brock Osweiler ahead of Trevor Siemian did not pay off. Osweiler threw 2 picks. He only completed 19 of 38. What’s more disturbing then that is how Denver’s defense allowed the Eagles to rush for 197 yards. Jay Ajayi rushed for 77 yards and scored a TD on only 8 carries.

It sure feels like Denver gave up in the loss. At least, it feels like the defense did. Carson Wentz threw 4 TDs. So, it’s not like the Broncos’ secondary did anything special.

Results:  Eagles 51, Broncos 23   

Baltimore Ravens +3 at Tennessee Titans -3

Neither the Ravens nor the Titans rushed the ball all that well. Baltimore rushed it for 73 yards. The Titans rushed it for 71 yards. Neither team’s quarterbacks played particularly well, either. Baltimore QB Joe Flacco threw 2 interceptions. Marcus Mariota threw 1 picks. This was one of those games where 2 mediocre teams butted heads. It turns out, the Ravens are more mediocre than the Titans.

Results:  Titans 23, Ravens 20  

Arizona Cardinals -2.5 at San Francisco 49’ers +2.5

I believe San Francisco is playing for the first pick in next year’s NFL Draft. SF didn’t even try to do something different on offense. The good news is that rookie QB C.J. Beathard did almost throw for 300 yards. He threw for 294. Beathard didn’t throw a TD pass. He did throw an interception.

The Cardinals decided to ride AP. It worked! Adrian Peterson received 37 carries in this game. He rumbled for 159 yards. It was great seeing one of the greatest running backs in the NFL do his thing. QB Drew Stanton wasn’t spectacular. He wasn’t bad, either. He threw 2 TD passes to only a single interception.

Results:  Cardinals 20, 49’ers 10 

Washington Redskins +7 at Seattle Seahawks -7

This is why it’s impossible for me to back the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl this season. The Seahawks managed 14 points even though they rushed for 148 yards. Why? QB Russell Wilson threw 2 interceptions. This, after the Seahawks’ D held Washington QB Kirk Cousins to zero TD passes. The Seahawks’ D also held Washington to only 51 rushing yards. When you dominate on defense and you still lose, it’s an issue.

Results:  Redskins 17, Seahawks 14

Kansas City Chiefs +1 at Dallas Cowboys -1

KC quarterback Alex Smith finally threw an interception. The pick didn’t cost Kansas City the game. What did cost Kansas City the game is how they couldn’t stop both RB Ezekiel Elliott and QB Dak Prescott. Prescott was exceptional in this. He tossed 2 TDs and threw for 249 yards. Also, he rushed for 27 yards off 3 carries, and rushed for a TD.

The Cowboys feel much better about Zeke’s possible 6-game suspension now that Dak has gotten into a groove. The Chiefs? They get a bye this week, which is a good thing.

Results:  Cowboys 28, Chiefs 17

Oakland Raiders -3 at Miami Dolphins +3

I thought the Dolphins might beat the Raiders straight up. They didn’t. They only pushed. Oakland didn’t play well in this game. The Raiders only rushed for 84 yards. QB Derek Carr did throw for 300 yards. He only threw 1 TD. He threw a pick. Dolphins’ QB Jay Cutler was much more effective. Cutler threw for 311 yards and 3 TDs.

Results:  Raiders 27, Dolphins 24 

Detroit Lions -2.5 at Green Bay Packers +2.5

I feel bad for Green Bay QB Brett Hundley. Hundley played a decent game versus the Lions on Monday night. He threw for 245 yards. He rushed for 22 yards and a TD. The Green Bay defense did nothing, I mean nothing, to stop the Lions’ offense. QB Matt Stafford threw for 362 yards. He also threw 2 TDs. It was a ridiculously bad performance by Green Bay’s defense that led to the Packers’ loss. Hundley’s performance had nothing to do with it.

Results: Lions 30, Packers 17

What do you think?

Written by D.S. Williamson

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