5 NFL Players to Avoid in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is months away. But it’s never too early to file away words of wisdom. During free agency season, it’s tempting to get excited about a given team’s new acquisition. But you have to step back and view it all from a few floors up as well. We have listed the 5 NFL players to avoid. Now, we’re not saying that the following players are not worth owning in fantasy football or daily fantasy; we’re simply saying that they are going to disappoint overall.

5 NFL Players to Avoid in Fantasy Football

Eddie Lacy

You are taking a tough runner and putting him on a team that rewards backfield bulls. A slam dunk, right? Wrong. Lacy has a history of injuries, weight issues and the Seahawks are always loaded at the running back position. Lacy may have his moments. But I am not betting on him being a top 10 NFL rusher in 2017.

CJ Anderson

He’s got a Super Bowl to his credit and his team really missed him when he went down to injury. CJ Anderson is a tough runner with an ability to block for his quarterback. But what he doesn’t have is a history of staying healthy or of being consistent for more than eight games. So while his Broncos may upgrade the offensive line and say publicly that he is their starter, can you really waste a high pick on him?

Brandin Cooks

Patriots Nation is ecstatic to bring in another receiver with big play ability downfield. But the problem from a fantasy football perspective is that there are no sure things or predictability when it comes to the Pats offense. So while Cooks may bring a great skillset and track record, there are just too many other weapons in the Brady arsenal to trust Cooks as a top tier fantasy option.

Julio Jones

We’re not saying that Jones won’t be a top 10 receiver. But we are saying that he’ll have a dip from his great numbers in 2016. The Super Bowl loss is bound to give the team a hangover. And with Atlanta now having a target on its back as NFC defending champs, I just don’t think that Jones will match his lofty numbers from this past season.

Sammy Watkins

Yes, he’s an incredible talent. He might be the best deep threat in the league. But he’s also injury prone and we just don’t know what kind of Bills offense we’ll see – or even who will be throwing to Watkins. Now, this may change before Week 1 in September. But for now I am not putting Sammy in my top 10. Seriously, the guy has had foot issues and you sort of need those to run!

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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