Lessons Learned Week 6 on the NFL

Well, of the lessons learned week 6 clearly shows we have some frontrunners now for the Super Bowl LI, as well as some sure bets for top five 2017 draft pick slots.

Lessons Learned Week 6

1. Yes, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are for real. This team has battled adversity and quality opponents this year, and come out on top. Have a seat, Mr. Romo, you’re not playing any time soon.
2. Over their last nine games, Aaron Rodgers and Case Keenum have similar numbers. That’s all you need to know about how far the Green Bay offense has fallen.
3. The Broncos are in trouble. Without a big presence in the middle of the defensive line, and with an inability to rush the ball on offense, they’re looking like an 8-8 team right now.
4. Tom Brady doesn’t age. He and the Patriots look like a 14-2 team right now. That rematch with the Bills will be quite the spectacle.
5. Slowly, very slowly, Washington is rounding into playoff form. This team grinds. But if Jordan Reed doesn’t return then they are limited offensively.
6. No, the Ravens are not for real. They look very average on both sides of the ball right now.
7. Cleveland will have a nice decision to make next spring when they draft first overall.
8. Why is John Fox still the coach of the Bears? It feels like they are getting worse each game.
9. The Seahawks are gamers, that’s for sure. I just don’t know what their ceiling is this year. Are they contenders or merely a playoff team?
10. Good night Panthers. That defense is atrocious and not good enough for them to make a run at respectability.
11. Colin Kaepernick or not, the NFL has caught on to Chip Kelly. He could be one and done in San Francisco if they don’t show at least a little improvement.
12. A commitment to the run has fueled a four-game win streak for Buffalo. Add in a defense that can score and you have a team that should finally return to the playoffs.

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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