Will Marshawn Lynch Come Out of Retirement?

Even though there really is no offseason for the National Football League, there can be lulls in the news cycle. And so when a story like former all-pro Marshawn Lynch possibly coming out of retirement surfaces, the media jump all over it and don’t let go.

Marshawn Lynch possibly coming out of retirement?

Indeed, it’s being reported that the Raiders are courting Lynch to come back after a year layoff and play for his hometown Oakland team. Despite similar running backs available, Oakland is opting for the big name, even if he is an enigma.

Don’t do it, Marshawn. There really is nothing to prove. Already a personality with all kinds of offers to keep him busy post-career, Lynch doesn’t need this. He didn’t seem to enjoy a lot of the job when he last played!

Even though his body is rested from a year off, Lynch was really banged up when we last saw him. Plus, if he was willing to walk away from the game how much fire could he really have left?

The guy has endorsement deals, a Super Bowl ring and he is still sought after for projects – there’s no reason to risk further injury and play for the Raiders – albeit a good team.

The other factor is that Seattle still owns his rights. They’d have to trade or release him in order for someone to bring him in.

It’s a juicy story, we’ll give you that. But a) I doubt Lynch comes back and b) the Raiders don’t need the distraction.

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