NFL free agent signing mistakes

Some teams have improved themselves greatly, while others have simply overspent in a desperate attempt to re-capture past glory. Sure, it’s fun to analyze the smart signings. But it’s waaay more fun to call out the blunders. While we won’t know which moves are bad until at least September, I’m impatient and want to vent now. The surprising part? The Browns didn’t make the list.

Famous NFL Free Agent Signing Mistakes Teams Made

Arizona Cardinals – Sam Bradford

Are you kidding me? They’re going to pay $20 million for an oft-injured, never-achieved-anything quarterback? What is the point? How is Bradford an upgrade over going with a rookie in the draft? I don’t get this at all. I know the Cards wanted Cousins, but settling for Bradford and forking over valuable cap space and money? This could be the dumbest signing of the offseason.

Baltimore Ravens – Ryan Grant

Whaaaat? I know that the Ravens are desperate for receiving help, but paying a guy who has 84 catches in four years $29 million over four years? I just don’t get it. Baltimore also signed Cardinals WR John Brown, but giving Grant this kind of money based on seven decent starts in 2017 is simply ludicrous. They better hope their D continues to win games for them.

New York Giants – Jonathan Stewart

Signing an aging running back by over-valuing his comeback season wasn’t smart. New York is in desperate need of drafting a speedy stud for the backfield, not an over-the-hill back who will struggle to stay healthy and not be much of an upgrade over what they had last year.

San Francisco 49ers – Jerick McKinnon

This career underachieving speedster benefited from a run-first system and tremendous offensive line in Minnesota. To think that he could replace Carlos Hyde at RB is nuts. McKinnon is one of the most inconsistent backs in the league when given a full-time opportunity. Signing him for four years is a big commitment to make for a platoon player.

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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Written by Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's also a contributor to ESPN 101.3 Plattsburgh/Burlington. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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