NFL Week 4 – Roundup and Results

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Week 4 of the NFL kicked off Thursday with Dolphins vs. Bengals and ended yesterday with the Californian clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams.

After the last round, it was possible to notice some important changes in the ranking of the groups and it was also possible to see huge scores in some matches and surprising results happening.

The first and main highlight goes to the Philadelphia Eagles, which became the only team with 100% success: 4 games and 4 wins in the NFL. Some teams managed to maintain a great streak until the start of round 4 – earning three wins in three games – but they lost their games and also their unbeaten streak. Receiving the Jaguars, the Eagles applied a 29-21 to their opponent, keeping the lead in the disputed NFC East.

Anyone who was at Ford Field this weekend, home of the Detroit Lions, certainly didn’t regret it. This was the highest scoring game of that NFL round. It was a balanced game, full of surprises and very exciting for those who went to the stadium – and also for those who watched it on TV. The teams scored an incredible 93 points, 48 ​​for the Seahawks and 45 for the Lions, the hosts. An impressive result for the Seahawks, who achieved their second win in 4 games this season. The Lions continue with one of the worst campaigns of the current NFL season: 4 games and 3 losses.

NFL Week 4 – Roundup and Results

The Dolphins were surprised by the Bengals at the beginning of round 4. The visiting team was coming from 3 straight wins and finally lost its first game of the season. The Bengals had lost two games and won only one, but the NFL is exciting precisely for the balance of teams, playing at home or away.

The Chiefs managed to stop the Buccaneers’ good winning streak and applied a good 41-31 victory over them, even playing away from home. Not even star Tom Brady was able to save the team, but he still managed some important touchdown passes.

Dolphins, Bills, Vikings, Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants and the Packers are the teams that are part of the select group of those who won three games in these early NFL rounds. Above them are only the Philadelphia Eagles, who have won 4 games. Only Houston Texans haven’t won a game this season. The AFC South still doesn’t have a super team. The group leader are the Jaguars, who have won two of the four games they have played so far.

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