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Jon Gruden has pretty much cemented himself as the John Madden of the 21st century. There is truly no other choice than to be conversely obsessed with listening to his color commentary and wondering WTF is going on inside the Grudens brain.

He clearly knows his football, no doubt about it. He’s got a Superbowl ring and I’ve got a ring from a box of Cracker Jacks.

Everything Jon Gruden says that’s baffling and weird needs to be permanently recorded, in this day and age of the Twitters this is your record of the amazing shit that Jon Gruden Says.

Welcome to Shit Jon Gruden Says (SJGS).

Because I’m fundamentally a lazy prick, I’m pulling most of these quotes from the ever vigilant and really hard working folks at give them a follow:

they actually deserve it. Unlike our profile.

Shameless Plug

You’re welcome.

JG’s weird obsession with Luck’s voice:


Possible greatness? I have no clue:

This makes no fucking sense JG, guessing you like Johnny Football’s speed?:

We need more of this JG, much more of this:

I have no idea what you’re saying:

What do you think?

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