Super Bowl 52 Team Power Index

The matchup of Philadelphia versus New England is an intriguing one. It’s a battle that has had me crunching numbers, deeply pondering and examining each club’s strengths and weaknesses. You might be shocked at what I have come up with. But I really think that we have to take into account the playoff trends, and not be blinded by experience and point spreads for Super Bowl 52.

Super Bowl 52 Team Power Index

1- (4) Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Foles has looked good in a couple of games straight now. We can’t ignore that. He’s coming through in the clutch. As is the Philly D, who managed a pick-six versus Minnesota. But back to the offense, as the Eagles appear to be getting better and better under Foles, adapting to his strengths. It’s no longer a Wentz offense that Foles is running – the team has managed to shape the attack around the aptitudes of Foles. Plus, add in the fact that we’re looking the most diverse running game and best tight end they’ve faced in a while, and I believe that the Eagles are playing better ball right now.

2- (1) New England Patriots – It’s hard to downgrade the defending champs when they keep winning. But the lack of defensive front pressure and he weak linebacker play has really hurt this squad. Plus, they continue to give up early leads. Sure, they keep prevailing in the end. But sooner or later it catches up to you. It takes so much out of you mentally to have to do the impossible. Can Tom Brady do it one more time, in the state where his mom is from which will make him more emotional than usual? The uncertainty around Gronk is another factor in my boosting Philly on this list. If Brady doesn’t have Gronkowski over the middle then the Eagles can pin their ears back and really go after Brady, not fearing Gronk hurting them in one-on-one mismatches.

Dave Trentadue is a radio producer and reporter in Montreal, Canada. Follow @davetrentadue

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Written by Dave Trentadue

Dave Trentadue is a radio producer and reporter in Montreal, Canada. He's also the co-owner of Eleven Waves marketing firm.

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